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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Painting and Family

Dear Family,

Springtime decided to make a brief appearance this week with days nice and sunny and sometimes getting up to 70 degrees. Almost all our snow melted and everyone tried to be outside as much as possible.

I finished painting our bathroom and cleaned everything up and put stuff back. I think it looks really good although it is a big change. It always amazes me how much time a painting project takes. You remember how long it takes to paint but all the prep work and clean up work afterwards you quickly forget about. In the next week or so I am hoping to continue on with the paint to get our bedroom done. I want to be finished before outside gardening jobs start calling my name. Out dryer this week must have heard me talking about its replacement as it decided to give up the ghost this week. Sometimes it will turn on, sometimes it won't. Sometimes its hot sometimes its not. Makes for long laundry days! I will appreciate the news ones that much more.

I filmed a bunch at the beginning of the week for Allison's school. I am really impressed with the teachers as I have filmed in the different classrooms. I still have a few more teachers left to film and then Jeremy and I will start editing. Allison is getting really good at watching Robyn in the hallways while I film although faint shouts of "more candy! more gummies!" filter through the classroom door.

Allison had Dads and doughnuts day at her school on Friday. Jeremy went to school with her and they played a bunch of games together. She was very proud of the 2 legged race that they won where dads had to put on a button down shirt and a tie on their kids and then race back to the start. She learned that her dance company is doing the wizard of oz for their June dance recital and her class will be the munchkins.

Spencer's grade at school has been working on the wizard of oz as well to perform this month. Spencer is one of the guards. The teachers were a little nervous how he would do dancing and singing with a group on stage but they have all been thrilled as he eats it up and goes around singing the songs all day long. We had ordered the spiderwick series of books and started reading them today. Spencer just eats it up and would have me read till I was hoarse.

The biggest news of the week is that Daniel, Mimi and Claire came to visit Thursday and were able to stay until today. Friday morning our kids were all trying to convince me that they were too sick to go to school (they have had a lingering cough for weeks). Mimi and Daniel had bought them all Krispy Kreme doughnuts for breakfast so that helped ease the disappointment of having to go to school.

Friday Robyn and I got to take Daniel, Mimi and Claire up to Gardner Village. We ate lunch, visited the shops and fudge shop and laughed at Claire and Robyn entranced with the ducks. We had a great time. They went out that night but came back to watch I am legend and stay up late visiting. Nicole, Mimi's sister stayed overnight and our girls fell in love with her. Our kids were so excited to have an uncle and aunt and cousin around!

Saturday we took some cute pictures of Claire and then headed up to Park City. We went to a tubing place where you take tow ropes up to tube down pre-made runs. The kids had a great time. Towards the end our spring weather disappeared and the snow and sleet and cold came back. Cold weather just wipes you out and we were all grateful to go out to dinner someplace warm that serves the best hot clam chowder around. It was Market Street Grill. Our kids had a great time. Robyn's meal consisted of butter and sourdough bread, french fries and ketchup and ice cream - she ignored everything else. She had a great time over there in her corner chowing down on everything. After that day our kids slept hard and were happy to go to bed.

Tonight Jeremy's family comes over for dinner so we are enjoying all the family time. It is nice just to visit and hang out together. Love to you all, Heather


Skeeutopia said...

How cool you all got to hang out with family! We miss you guys and hope that one day soon we can all be together. We all love Mimi here, too. Daniel on the other hand... j/k!!!
Tell Spencer we are so proud of his enthusiasm for his school performance. We hope to see video of that when that comes around!

The Skeehan Family said...

We loved EVERY minute of getting to spend time with you guys. And Claire loved seeing her Aunt and Uncle again and meeting all her cousins - she won't miss getting awakened by Robyn though :) And tell Allison anytime she wants to have a visit she can call :)

Love you!

(and yes, I know I'm the favorite, but what can you do!!! :))

The Skeehan Family said...

Oh, and the pic of Robyn with the ice cream is CLASSIC.