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Sunday, December 30, 2007


Dear Family and Friends,

I hope you all had a great Christmas. We're still in the recovery stages at our house. Allison came down with a cold late Christmas night. Robyn kicked her out of their room because of Allison's coughing - "be quiet Allison, get out, go away"
etc - she can be quite rude at times but she says it in such a cute tiny voice its hard not to laugh inside. So Jeremy and I played tag at church so he could attend meetings and I attend Sunday school. Robyn thought it was pretty neat to be the only kid at church with us. So they are taking it easy, lying around a lot and living in general sloth.

Last Sunday the kids decorated their gingerbread house. We gave us several years ago trying to do it ourselves and just buy a kit. The kids just want to put the candy on anyway - of course all Robyn wanted to do was eat the candy. She has been caught raiding the finished house many times. Spencer spent the entire day preparing a family home evening lesson for us on the importance of having Family home evening. It was a little painful to sit still for a 40 min lesson but he did it straight from the manual complete with all the props.

Monday we had a moment of panic as we realized Allison really did assume that Santa was bringing her an easy bake for Christmas. Said its the only thing she asked Santa for. I had friends clue me in that she had already told all her friends it was coming. Luckily Jeremy was able to find one at Walmart on the way home from work. Lauri came over for the night and we ate nachos, gave everyone big bubble baths and read the Christmas story in the scriptures. We watched Shrek the Halls and laughed the whole time. There was a great line in it "Christmas isn't Christmas till somebody is crying". I was so grateful this year that no one was sick or hurt this year but there was some sadness. Lauri's cat for around 17 years died. She was very heartbroken about it. The worst part is that it crawled away to die and we haven't been able to find it yet.

The kids were very anxious to get to bed but we took a long way to take Lauri home and checked out people's Christmas lights. Robyn kept yelling out "pretty lights". Because of all the excitement the kids slept in till 8 the next morning. What a great Christmas present! They all loved their presents. Jeremy had been thinking about getting a mac laptop to do all his photo/video work on. Donny heard about it and offered to pay for half of it for him as he was excited to have him covert over. By luck the laptop arrived Christmas Eve so we made Jeremy wait until Christmas Day to start playing around with it. He has been engrossed ever since.

Spencer got a book called the Dangerous Book for Boys. He has been busy all day today in between coughs, learning all the new tricks and games it talks about. We got a wii for our family for Christmas and we have all been having fun playing it especially Spencer. Spencer has been doing better as he starts switching over to zyprexa. The biggest worry is that he would start eating tons but his appetite has actually gone down. He hardly ever minds me looking at him right now. We saw the doctor on Friday and will keep switching him over slowly to the new medication. He still struggles at times but is holding it together most of the time now. He will have to do time outs occasionally to calm down but after a few minutes he is good. The initial moment that he goes into the bathroom is a problem though. He likes to bang or kick at the wall as he goes in. This week he managed to make a hole in the sheet rock. We're working to stop that behavior but in the meantime are thinking of putting up some beadboard or something so the wall won't be so easy to dent and hurt.

I spent the week in general sloth reading my new books the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer. It is a girl teenage fantasy and I don't know why I find them so compelling but I do. I have been reading all day and late into the night and finished the third book last night.

We went sledding Thursday on a nearby hill. Robyn was hesitant the first time down but after that was saying "wee, more, go go" over and over. Allison and Spencer took turns taking her down and loved every minute of it. Taylor stayed with Meredith while we went and enjoyed a walk in the snow and a hot bath and cuddle time. He was not too happy to see us come back!

Friday night we had a bunch of families over for treats and visiting. There are a bunch of us who have been friends for 6-8 years and we always have a great time together. The kids all played the wii while adults sat and ate and talked. We stayed up really late and between the party and cold our kids slept till almost noon on Saturday. It felt very strange to have our house so quiet all morning. Jeremy and I took turns going to the gym and just played with Robyn and Taylor. I need to get kids back into the school time schedule soon before I get too used to this lazy living. I had planned to get some projects done, like hanging up our cupboards but nothing happened this week. Maybe now that my books are done...

Hope you enjoy your New Year's and this holiday season. Love Heather