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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Letter 11/18/07

Dear Family,

Jeremy has been in Las Vegas this weekend taking photos of his concerts and helping his friend wrap up their video project. He had someone ask him to film their son's football game Friday morning in return for which they bought him a ticket to Las Vegas so he could still make it to Friday's concert in time. His friend with a car lot needed to have a car driven back so he his driving home this afternoon. Without him around to take half the conversations/attention needs of kids today, Sunday has been a little intense. Luckily Spencer and Allison both had the great idea of making welcome home signs so there is a momentary quiet.

Friday night I was very self indulgent and spent the evening after kids were in bed drinking hot chocolate and reading a book start to finish - haven't done that in a long time. My cold hit me full force Monday which was pretty miserable but has gotten better every day since. I had a moment of revelation though, Monday night. I drew myself a hot bath, after giving kids all baths, and running what had to be the 10th load of laundry that day (all the kids had to have their beds washed on the same day I do my massive load of laundry each week!). As I stepped into my barely luke warm bath I decided we needed to get an extra water heater or train my kids to shower in the morning if I ever wanted a hot bath early in the evening again.

Last Sunday Jeremy's family came over for dinner. Jason brought over his Wii for us to try it out - we have been trying to get one for Christmas but no luck yet. Boys loved playing all the games - Allison was the best at bowling and Spencer fell in love with the virtual boxing.

We took Lauri over this week to get her cast made for her daffo for her weak foot. Now that kid's schedules are varied, every trip usually involves me taking her somewhere, running back to get kids from schools and then picking her up again. Since she doesn't drive anymore we usually try to hit a grocery store on the way home for her. Kids are usually pretty understanding about the long time waiting in the car - especially as Lauri bought them doughnuts this time.

Spencer started back into cub scouts this week. He was a bit agitated about going but got himself all spruced up to go and was waiting for Jeremy to walk him down. But then he saw a friend cracking a joke inviting him to go with him, and you could see the tension leave his body and he left with a smile. We started giving him fish oil this week. To get to an effective dose, you have to get 1000mg of EPA - which means 5 HUGE capsules a day. He swallows them OK now but its a lengthy process. An hour each night of us grinding our teeth and trying to keep ourselves from shoving them down his throat. As a good sign Spencer is starting to have friends call again, and his next door friend and he played together twice this week. School says he is still doing better. At home most of the time though it seems as bad as it ever was - rages, mad outbursts for no reason, paranoia - but no deep depression. We are going to try upping his seroquel this week for the last time. They did say lithium takes longer to see an effect but if we don't see improvement by the 7th we are going to be switching drugs around. I had hoped that with time the bed wetting side effect would go away, but no such luck. The bad part is that Spencer now accepts it as normal. He is starting to get a rash in uncomfortable spots so I am hoping that will help motivate him to get it under control. Things aren't all bad though - he is getting homework done on his own again. Doing jobs to get privileges etc. Tomorrow before school he gets his retainer put back on - they are trying to make it an extra close fit so he can't wiggle it with his tongue again and break it.

Our electrician has been working all week on the basement. Jeremy still has to run the Cat 5 and install all the cans. Tomorrow they are working to sledge hammer an electrical outlet out to be under Jeremy's desk. For family home evening we put up the easy portion of our Christmas lights. We bought 2 little penguins this year that light up for the front of our house. The girls thought they were really cute. With the block lighting parade next week, Jeremy will be under pressure when he gets back to get all these projects done!

I have been working on a lot of projects this week for Allison's school. I have to have 40 hours of volunteer time in by March and am starting to get panicky. I only have 10 so f'ar. Allison is busy working to get ready for her dance recital in January. All the girls are wearing red shirts and jeans and dancing to "Rocking round the Christmas tree". Emotions seem to be close to the surface with her lately but the tears quickly go away. We ran to a uniform sale on Friday and bought her some new pants. She and Spencer both seem to have grown or pants have shrunk in the last month.

Taylor has his perpetual runny nose but has been enjoying the fall weather this week with the sun shining and highs reaching mid-60s. We have a rice bag we heat up for him at night and put by his feet, he just cuddles right in with a smile.

Robyn is still an opinionated, mostly happy, always wanting junk food little girl. Her vocabulary is just taking off and I sometimes have to look to see if its Allison or Robyn saying "mom, phone" She gets carted around a lot but is happy destroying a coloring book in the back seat of the car usually.

Last night I had a solo date since Meredith was here. I went to the temple and by chance got put in a deaf session. It was interesting to see the ceremony with sub-titles and a person signing. Afterwards I ran a few errands to pick up some last Christmas gifts and must have been blessed for going to the temple as everything I was looking for was on sale and easy to find!

My friend and I had a great idea this year for neighbor presents. We bought a bunch of $1 glass plates from walmart and some ceramic markers from Michaels. We're drawing on the plates cookies for Santa and a christmas tree and then cooking them for 40 min to make the markers permanent. Then plop some cookies on and you're done. I thought it was a neat idea. One of my other friends had done it for birthday presents one year writing FHE treats on the plate along with cartoon figures of each person's family. We're getting together after Thanksgiving.

Love to you all, Heather