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Sunday, April 29, 2012

You know its been good when...

Spencer went on a camping trip with the deacons Friday night.  You know its been a good trip when he came home Saturday and took a 5 1/2 hour nap on the couch, without being asked.  He came home dirt and pancake batter encrusted but with a big smile on his face.

We had another week of family.  My dad, mom, sister and sister-in-law Griselda drove out Wednesday.  All the women went to BYU to live at the dorms for a few days and attend Women's Conference together.  My dad came and stayed at our house to spend some quality grandpa time with my kids and to work at the Family History Library.  You know its been a good few days when it seemed way too short and no one is ready to be done.  BYU brownies, girl family bonding time and inspirational speakers.  I came home and just didn't know where to start at trying to explain all the thoughts and experiences I had.  It was awesome.
To top it off my friend Brenda was able to join us for most of the days.  I returned home to happy kids, house intact and a wheelbarrow of weeds that my dad had worked on.  Now if it could just have lasted a little bit longer.  But we are going to my parents in a month and will see everyone again.  They all left in the early morning hours Saturday for the long trek home.

Earlier in the week had just been spent mostly with me preparing to be gone.  I always feel like I am preparing for a huge excursion when I go away.  My kids don't care if the laundry is finished, or bathrooms cleaned etc but it makes a difference to me.

Saturday the girls and I got to attend Allison's friend's dance competition and cheer her on.  It was fun to just snuggle my girls in an auditorium and enjoy the afternoon.  Jeremy had a photo walk at the tulip festival and then raced home to take me to a play, 'Crossing Delancey'.  One of those old fashioned plays were the earnest, sincere boy wins out and the humor is based on the human condition and every day life.

You know its been a good week when really that is all I can say.  It was good and everyone has smiles on their faces...and I wish my family lived closer.

love, Heather
Allison's 4th grade program