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Sunday, May 6, 2012

true love

True love is Jeremy spending his Saturday up to his elbows in muck and mud fixing all our sprinklers with me.  The price of having Spencer mow the lawn is shorn off sprinklers and geysers shooting up out of the middle of the lawn.  Then after getting cleaned up and shooting a bunch of teenagers prom pictures hurrying to take your wife out to see The Avengers, eating his sandwich in the car on the way for dinner.  And then arriving there to realize that said wife had bought the tickets for Friday instead of Saturday night.  So Jeremy got to sit in the front of the theater with me in an unsold seat and didn't say one word about my mistake but just smiled to be there.  True love sure looks different than what I imagined as a little kid but its a whole lot better.

This week we have been fixing up the yard when the weather would cooperate.  Wednesday night everyone was excited to have nothing on the calendar that night.  So Jeremy worked on scrubbing out the hot tub with Robyn in her swimsuit and rain jacket "helping" with the hose while I pulled more weeds.  This is what our girls spent the evening coming up with:

Jeremy and Spencer got to go to a UVU versus BYU baseball game this week.  I am not sure which Spencer enjoyed more, the game, being out with Dad late on a school night, or the fried burritos after the game.  It would be a close call.  Jeremy has been making a point of taking each kid out for a dad night.  So Friday night he took Robyn out to see The Lorax.  Robyn had her purse, lip gloss on and two dollars for popcorn and a big smile on her face as she set off on her daddy date. 

My favorite quotes of the week:
Spencer on my insisting that he did need to practice piano despite him thinking its a useless skill, "why are you always so insensitive!".  That had me just busting up as soon as he left the room.

Robyn when her friend commented on a boy riding a lawn mower shirtless that he was hot.  "What?!!"  I explained her friend meant that he was hot and sweaty as I knew what Robyn was thinking.  Robyn said "Oh good, I thought she meant he was hot like she wanted to marry him".  I blame it all on Zack and Cody episodes on Disney.  Or when walking home from church and debating a present for a birthday party Robyn suggested a scarf, "not a keep you warm scarf but a Fashionable (complete with hair flip) scarf"

Allison when I ate her last bite of brownie that had been sitting on the counter for 4 hours after I told her I would throw it away, "why, why?!  why do you always eat my treats when I am not looking.  No sugar treat is safe in our house with you around!"  So sad...but so true.

The rest of the week was filled up with all the small stuff that makes up our regular life.  Allison continues with softball practices.  My neighbor who died last week had her funeral and we went to that.  A sobering day to think of this life of this amazing lady and wonder what the sum of your life will be at the end of the day.  Taylor is growing and thinking that he needs to eat more that anyone else in the house - even Spencer at times.  Taylor turns 16 this week, hard to believe.  So with the incentive of people seeing our weeds, it gives me motivation to whip our yard into shape.  This time of year I really enjoy working outside.  You know its been a good day when you take a shower and the bottom of the shower if full of dirt and you realize that you have now earned a definite farmer's tan.

love, Heather


The Skeehan Family said...

now that seems like a wonderful week. I tell you, being in similar weather right now with you, I can see why everyone is out right now. And hopefully, since we are digging out of the box pile we have had, we might be able to venture out a bit and even, crazy thought, call people or text back! Miss you.

By the way, Allison's quote had Dan and I rolling.