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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Family - its all relative

This week was one of regrouping after spring break.  I loved having my kids home for a week and loved sending them back to tackle the household jobs that built up and to rethink summer days a little bit.  This month is one of family as this weekend we crashed my sister-in-law Mimi's sister's graduation.  Is that convoluted enough of a relationship.  They are so warm and welcoming to our family that we just feel like we must be family.  So Friday night we got to go to graduation at BYU and indoctrinate our kiddos a little more and then off for BYU ice cream and swimming at their hotel pool for the kids.  Mimi then came home with us and some very tired out kids to spend the night before catching a plane home then next day.  Much too short of a visit but we are greedy and appreciative for all the family we can get.  Robyn lost it a little Friday night when she realized Mimi was only staying one night, quite heartbreaking to watch. You can see the rest of the photos from this night over in this gallery.
Spencer may love Mimi but with my girls its absolute adoration
On Saturday, while I was driving Mimi to the airport and to visit a friend along the way who had just lost their 4 month old son, Jeremy was holding down the home front.  Which in this case meant soccer games.  He entitled this: "bring it on"
And the 3 amigos:
See more of the soccer photos here.

It was a sport morning as Allison spent the morning at a softball clinic.  Then that afternoon she had a reunion with our old neighbor friend Maryn.  Running in the sprinklers and hanging out in the hot tub.  Such a rough life for a little girl.  Lately Allison has been pulling this grumpy silent treatment out whenever something isn't exactly what she wants.  Not sure if its better to ignore it and hope she snaps out of it or give her the attention she wants which I worry will just feed the habit.  A frown seems so out of place on her face.

Taylor had a tough week.  He stayed home from school two days and Jeremy had to make an emergency run over once with meds.  I don't think he was sick but he could not stop seizing.  By the end of the second day his eye looked like this from constantly straining:
But he seems to be coming back around.  He always has seizures but the non-stop ones seem to come in waves.  We can give him Diastat to knock him out of it but then once we give it we can't repeat it when he sinks back into seizure mode a few hours later.  Sort of stinks.  So with visits to ERs in my head kids and I ran errands late Wednesday night while Jeremy comforted Taylor.  Then of course because we were prepared Thursday he started to come around.  That is always the way it goes.  Every time we have an emergency it is when there are no back up meals in the freezer.

Our week of rain and storms turned into warmth and sunshine.  I have a bike short tan line from Saturday and girls have pink tinged noses.  The yard is greening up and flowers are starting to bloom.  It just makes you want to stay outside.  Saturday night Jeremy and I had a double date with our friends the Hancocks and we explored the new outdoor mall across from Temple Square.  It is a very beautiful place with city creek running through out it, lots of garden spaces and fountains.  I think a few thousand other people decided it was a beautiful night to check it out as well as we were literally cheek to cheek at times.

But I intend to enjoy this warmth while it lasts.  Windows are open airing out the house.  Went on a family bike ride to the park tonight.  Everyone is just eager to hang out outside and get rid of some cabin fever.

love, Heather