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Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Day

 Dear Family and Friends,

After 2 days of snow this week, spring decided to poke its head up this morning a sunny but cold and windy day.  We were supposed to do family pictures Saturday morning but woke up to 3 inches of snow.  Luckily everyone was flexible and able to move it back to Saturday night instead.  Although when we arrived it was snowing, the sun came out and everyone tried to hide their goose bumps and think warm thoughts.  We could have waited for warmer weather but I didn't want to put off pictures till after Taylor's surgery just in case.  Jeremy's friend Suzanne took our pictures again and she is always amazing.  Kids were bribed with BYU ice cream and suitably gorged afterward.  I decided that having ice cream as dinner once in a while won't kill them.

Jeremy saw an ENT on Monday and is suitably drugged up now.  The doctor couldn't get his left ear drum to move at all and his right only moved a little bit.  Despite massive doses of steroids, decongestants, painkillers etc his hearing is not back yet.  Very frustrating for him.  He doesn't feel so miserable anymore though and can periodically hear cracklings in his ear as fluid shifts around.  If he was a kid the doctor said they would just do tubes but since he is an adult they are trying medication first.  He has till mid-week this week to see some improvement and then he will have to go in again.

Taylor's surgery is still set for Wednesday.  He was home sick with a cold for two days last week but it seems to be clearing up except for the occasional messy sneeze.  Spencer and Allison were able to fast much more cheerfully today, knowing that they were praying for their brother.

Lots of odds and ends this week to tie up loose ends of things.  Allison had her first Activity Days this week and was a bit nervous about all the new girls.  But called up her friends on the block she knew to all walk down together and they had a great time.  On Friday, Jeremy and a friend Brooke, graciously with a lot of work on their part, made it so I could go to Woman's conference for the day.  It was wonderful and over way too fast.  I got to spend half the day with Griselda my sister-in-law who was also there and catch up a bit between classes.  I do think the female half of my family should think of getting together for Woman's Conference and staying in the dorms perhaps.

I will let everyone know Wednesday how Taylor's surgery goes.  Keep him in your prayer please!  His surgery is 6 hours so he won't be done till mid-afternoon.

Love to you all,


The Skeehan Family said...

I cannot wait to see the pictures of your family - I am sure they are going to be absolutely beautiful.

And please know Taylor is in our thoughts and prayers. Hope all goes well on Wednesday.