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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ogden, rain and sleepless nights

Me, Jen and Brenda the running trio
Dear Family & Friends,

Robyn asked me very sadly this week when will the rain and snow ever stop so spring can come!  And that is how it is feeling lately.  We have had a week of 40 degrees during the day, snow on the mountains and in the canyons and lots of rain.  I am amazed that our tomato plants haven't given up the ghost yet.  But on the plus side we aren't having to weed anything.

This week made me realize how much my parents did while they were here.  It is taking me forever to get things done.  But I have just been hanging out at home with Taylor.  He is now officially off narcotics so his pill schedule has changed to every 6 hours which is much easier on my sleep schedule or at least I hope it will be as we just started the new schedule.  But for most of this week everyone understood that mom needed a daily nap or life would not be very happy.

Taylor was doing better than started doing worse.  He didn't want to eat or drink and was just constantly wiggling around trying to bear weight and cross his legs etc.  So we have had lots of times of pinning him down or trickling fluids down his throat.  But this morning he woke up and drank a cup of milk so I am hoping for better things today.  He is just on Motrin and Tylenol now and some Valium to take the edge off so although he isn't in pain he does seem to be pretty uncomfortable and just not happy with is life right now.  He has gotten really thin so we are pushing all things high caloric.  Next Tuesday if the x-rays look good we can unstrap his legs so we just have to keep hanging in there.

Because Taylor isn't comfortable being taken places he is still almost exclusively at home.  So neighbors have been doing a lot of kid driving for me and I have been going out at night to grab things.  Working pretty good so far - I have a really nice neighbors and an amazing husband to make it all possible.
Neighbor taking the kids for a spin before it rains AGAIN

I am looking forward to tonight because none of us have to go anyplace.  Even with softball practice and Allison's game cancelled this week the nights still felt awfully busy.  Jeremy had a video shoot, the girls and I went to a school concert, Spencer and I hit the grocery store and I was able to go out to the temple.  And then I took off for Friday night and most of Saturday to the Ogden Marathon.

I only ran the half at Ogden but it was a beautiful race.  Didn't beat my PR but I was OK with that as the race wasn't as downhill and I have really had to taper back running with my knee and Taylor.  But my knee didn't hurt while I ran although it is beyond stiff now.  And the best part was that I did the race with two of my friends so I had a great time.  And it was fun to run through places that I remembered from growing up - the reservoir I went out on the canoe with my grandpa, the waterfall/pipes we would walk to every Thanskgiving, the restaurant my grandma took me to for Mormon muffins, the park my cousin Adam got married in.  And it was the prettiest most well organized race I have ever done.  Think I will have to do it again.  We were so worried about it being cold and wet but the sun started coming out just as the race started and we enjoyed a beautiful day Saturday.

While I was off playing Jeremy was playing the role of super dad at home.  Spencer went off with the youth for baptisms for the dead Friday night and then they all watched as Robyn calls it the "Justin Beaver" movie.  And Saturday after doing pills through the night he sent Spencer off to work on his fitness merit badge and then later taught him how to mow the lawn.  (I am so excited to NEVER have to mow the lawn this summer.  We are officially passing the responsibility along to Spencer.)  And then he did Robyn's hair and took her off to her gymnastics recital.  What a guy.
Robyn loves her trophy and sparkly new leotard from her recital

Allison and Robyn both had field trips this week to the zoo.  This is the last week of school for all but Taylor (who is done with school for the year anyway).  So school time is full of fun this week and for most of last week.  We did have a learning experience with Spencer.  He has had a big project assigned for the last two weeks.  When we asked him about it he said he had been working on research at school and just needed to type it all out.  Then Wednesday morning he comes down to breakfast with his face all scrunched up realizing that this big project was due that day and he hadn't done it.  So lots of tears and drama.  Spent all day Wednesday at school and then all afternoon and evening working on it so he could turn it in Thursday for a late grade.  I really hope we don't have a repeat of that experience as our girls are just shaking their heads saying they will never put off their homework like that.  Sometimes it stinks being the first to go through experiences.

So this week we have all the parties, teacher appreciation week and all the other end of the year excitement.  I am really hoping for sunshine and shorts soon.

Love to you all, Heather
Mom - the pots are looking good!