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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Taylor's surgery

 Dear Family and Friends,

Today is hopefully the last day we are in the hospital.  One of Taylor's incisions started bleeding today. I think its from us moving him in and out of his chair.  So the surgeon has to check it out first and re-bandage things.  But Taylor's pain is under control and I can sort of move him by myself although to reposition him, change him etc requires two or three people.  They offered to have Taylor stay a few more days so I can practice moving him more. But he is stable so I think he will sleep better at home.

Everything this week went far better than anyone anticipated.  I truly believe that all the prayers and fasting on Taylor's behalf are what made this possible.  They ended up not having to open up the joints or do a bone graft both of which they had planned on doing.  He has a plate and four screws on each femur holding it into place in his hip socket.  He has a big incision on each hip, a little incision mid-thigh and then incisions all along the groin area where they cut his groin muscles.  He has to keep an abductor pillow between his legs for the next 4 weeks and cannot bear any weight or bring his legs together or above a 90 degree angle.  It makes moving him a little hard.

They were able to do an epidural as the lower part of his back was straight which was wonderful.  They left the epidural in for 2 days where he couldn't feel anything below his waist.  Seizures and muscles spasms were bad the first day and he has been through a wide cocktail of medications, antibiotics etc.  But now he is going on on oxycodone, motrin, tylenol and valium.  So I am not sure how much he is sleeping to recover and how much he is sleeping from being high.  But he wakes up for an hour, has a drink, eats a little and then crashes again.  But he is comfortable and relaxed and his heart rate is staying low now.  Every 2 hours we have to reposition him to ward off bed sores and usually give him some type of pain killer.  Starting Wednesday we start weaning down the oxycodone over a two week period.  Usually by a month when he can start moving again he will just be on regular tylenol.

My parents have been here since Tuesday evening and have just been a life saver.  They have been doing all the kid duties with Jeremy and from what I have heard going to town on our yard.  It has really been such a privilege for me to stay with Taylor this week.  I haven't worried about trying to run home or whether babysitters have shown up.  I just get to stay and hold Taylor.  Primary's hospital is really an amazing place.  I was able to go to their branch sacrament meeting this morning.  Its 30 minutes with nurses in scrubs, patients with equipment and tired looking parents.  If that meeting didn't bring tears to your eyes, I don't know what would.

I have been so touched by everyone's love and care they have shown towards Taylor and our family.  It has been overwhelming.  The next four weeks Taylor won't be going anywhere and will be living on a couch, bed or for a few hours a day his wheelchair. 

Kids sound like they have been having a great time at home.  And I have missed them and look forward to seeing them in person later today.  Taylor really wasn't up for visitors till yesterday.  I didn't want them to see him with a catheter, epidural, monitors everywhere and not looking very happy.  But yesterday he came a long way.

Love to you all and thank you for your prayers,  Heather

Taylor had his moments of happiness towards the end of his stay