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Sunday, April 24, 2011

He is risen...

Dear Family and Friends,

Happy Easter to everyone.  Jeremy and I got to speak in sacrament today on the Savior which although it causes panic and nerves on my part it was good to spend the week thinking about our testimonies.  And now that its over I can truly relax and enjoy our Sunday.

One of Jeremy's eardrums ended up rupturing last Sunday which was very gross.  He sounds better and is able to function better but he still can't hear very well.  In one ear he can't hear at all and in the other only a little bit.  So you have to speak loudly and clearly to his good ear right now.  Needless to say he is quite sick and tired of this situation despite trying to have a good attitude about it.  He sees an ENT tomorrow and hopefully they can help.  He is on antibiotics and decongestants etc but it hasn't helped yet.

Despite feeling so badly at the beginning of this week Jeremy hosted a workshop for a photographer he admires.  So he was gone Monday night and all of Tuesday for that.  It was something he had looked forward to all year so it sort of sucked to be feeling miserable for it.  Then Wednesday night he took the kids to a ward activity (I had a stake meeting) by himself and tried to smile and read people's lips.  And good dad that he is this Friday he went with Spencer on a scout camping trip and even tackled our jungle of a backyard on Saturday.  (You might think that I am kidding about the backyard but I really am not.  Allison was quite concerned that if we didn't mow it, we wouldn't be able to see any easter eggs in in, not to mention the doggy surprises that like to hide :) )  So he has accumulated his blessings in heaven this week.

Rest of the week seemed busy but it was mostly odds and ends.  Allison had her first softball team practice and then spent Saturday at a softball skills clinic.  She is thrilled at learning how to pitch softball.  Her height is starting to bother her as she is a head shorter than anyone else on her team.  On Friday I was able to go with her class on a field trip to see Beauty and the Beast.  Spencer was there with his class as well.  It was a play weekend for us because Saturday night Spencer and I went to see Suessical, which we both loved and felt like kids again at.

Taylor has been a bit out of it all week to put it mildly.  I thought it was digestive issues at first but after changing one to two blow-outs EVERY DAY this week, I no longer think that is the problem.  I am hoping that he doesn't come down with anything too serious.

Friday night I hosted a part at our house for our Ragnar running team.  I am getting worried I might be walking part of my legs as I can only run 4 miles now before my knee gives out.  Hopefully it will recover before then.  But it was fun to sit and around and just visit with a group of women who are all so different and yet we remain friends.

Everyone seems to be enjoying their Easter Sunday.  We dyed Easter eggs this week and tried doing some with silk from one of Jeremy's old ties.  Those turned out very cool.  Look at this site for instructions.  The kids awoke this morning, after sleeping in!!! and checked out their Easter baskets full of summer gear like goggles, flip flops etc.  Then they went on an egg hunt for all the dyed eggs and then peeled them all.  Half went towards our traditional egg salad sandwich brunch and half towards deviled eggs.  This evening Jason's family comes over and we do dinner and do a candy easter egg hunt in our yard.  Allison had a friend invite her to an Easter party Friday so she has quite a stash already of candy in her room.  I am sure Rocky will have a hay day when she forgets to close the door one day.

I realized I did not take a single picture this week but Jeremy has some cool ones from Easter I will have him post.  Love to you all, Heather

Kids are ready to charge into those Easter baskets. They have to wait until Taylor is ready...and Dad with camera...

I got just what I wanted!
The annual family Easter egg hunt begins!
Robyn was busy looking for eggs, and when she saw Dad was taking a photo went immediately into "pose" mode

Counting up the eggs to see if she had hit her limit