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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Neighborhood of fire

Dear Family and Friends,

We had that moment of realization this week there there are now only 6 weeks left till school starts.  And there are still so many summery things we want to do!  Plus which we are getting into the family being together all the time groove again instead of the pull my hair out and lock myself in the bathroom with a cookie so I can have a moment of quiet groove.  We are having a mini-monsoon season this week so we have actual humidity and sudden violent downpours and lightening.  Between the fireworks and thunder our dog Rocky is living either at our feet or locking himself into the kids' bathroom.

Monday the kids were inspired to finish up jobs as fast as they could so they could prepare for the neighborhood of fire.  We always have a moment of panic and think that no one will show up but people always do.  Lots of yummy food, watermelon seed spitting contests, fireworks and little boy pyromaniacs and sparklers kept everyone happy to hang out and just relax despite the occasional rain drops.

Taylor continues to improve a little bit each day.  We tried out a walker for a little bit but he seems to do better without it.  He is starting to get his balance and reflexes back a little bit but can't move his feet very quickly to catch himself.  We are taking him into physical therapy every week for an hour and then working at home and at school.  He really doesn't walk yet but he is standing pretty well.

Last Sunday I was walking Taylor in my heels to his wheelchair and roller my foot when he gave a sudden lurch.  Really hurt at the time but it was fine thirty minutes later so I didn't think anymore of it.  Then on Monday morning I ran a nearby hill with my friend Jenn.  Felt great till a quarter mile from the end when the top of my foot started to really hurt.  By the end of the day I was limping pretty good and it was swollen and hurt.  It is still a little swollen and still hurts a lot if I try to walk on it.  So no running this last week and probably not this week as I limp along everywhere.  It made me realize how much of the day I spend on my feet and moving around.  I can wiggle my toes now though so there is improvement.

Wednesday we picked up Allison's friend Andra and went ice skating.  The coldness of the rink felt so good after high 90s outside.  Robyn got a little walker and just did non-stop laps, it was great.

Friday we grabbed some other friends and headed off for our BYU day.  We went to the Bean animal museum, had a picnic, toured the art museum, had ice cream at the creamery and stocked up on ranch dressing, played at a park and then kids cooled off for an hour at our neighbor's pool.  What a tough life our kids have sometimes!

Friday night for our date Jeremy and I went suit shopping.  His 1997 double suited heavy suit is not enough when he has to wear it every day.  So shopping and dinner for our date night.  Saturday night was our annual outdoor musical with kids at SCERA.  This time we brought Taylor with us and laid him on a blanket in front of us.  You could tell what songs he liked as he would lift his head up and applaud.  He did get a little bug eyed when we had to sit through some hard rain for 10 minutes before it cleared up for the evening.  It was Camp Rock and had lots of kid actors in it.  My four favorite moments from the evening: Spencer pointing out that the bad camp director had "bejewled buttocks".  Robyn watching most of the play with a barbie veil over her face because she was inspired by her Fancy Nancy books.  Jeremy pointing out the older good camp director's dancing.  He was the only older actor - in his late 50s I would guess - and his dance moves were just hilarious.  And then stopping on the way home to watch the American Fork fireworks from the perfect vantage point.  So it was a good night.

Allison got new glasses this week and is quite proud of her new look.  Jeremy pulled up a younger picture of his mom to point out how retro that style of glasses truly is:

Rest of the week was full of our normal jobs, kid classes, church meetings etc.  Taylor goes back to school for 4 days this week which he will enjoy.  He gets quite bored just being home all day despite our best efforts.  With all the rain and hot weather our tomatoes have turned into a jungle and raspberries have started appearing.  Girls chins are looking suspiciously purple when they come inside.

Love to you all, Heather
watching the stadium of fire fireworks at BYU from squaw peak
Tried to start reading Anne of Green Gables with our girls.  Not a hit yet.
Robyn still sleeps with her mask on every night to keep the monsters away.