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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Look ma, no crutches!

Dear Friends and Family,

Why can a routine week of no big events still feel full?  Best news is that I got rid of the crutches and now am just doing my best impression of Lurch, with one leg being two inches higher than the other and being unable to bend at the ankle.  Wasn't hurting at all till last night, I think I might have overdone my walking a bit on Saturday.  So hopefully all the bones are healing and my kids are just relieved to no longer be at my beck and call constantly.

We had friends over twice this week to visit and eat together and both times were hung with rain showers.  We have had the worst luck this year with rain storms.  So we postponed our pioneer day fireworks till Tuesday night.  Kids did their kids gone wild impressions with friends dancing wildly around the fireworks and enjoying the strobe light effects.  They were almost giddy with the fact that they were up and it was dark outside.  School starts in 23 days so there is a feeling of get the most fun out of summer in the air.

Backpacks arrived in the mail this week and I braved Old Navy with kids in tow to get uniforms.  Robyn doesn't need anything but shoes thanks to her sister but Spencer and Allison needed quite a few things.  Robyn asks every day if school has started. 

We had a ward day of service yesterday.  Allison got up early in the spirit of the day to make every egg sandwiches for breakfast for everyone.  Then we had our thought and prayer (with Spencer not yet in the spirit groaning) and did our family service of cleaning out our shed.  Got rid of a bunch of toddler bikes and toys which really needed to be done.  Then we went to do our ward project which for us was cleaning all the nursery toys and weeding a family's yard.  Followed by ice cream sandwiches.  Our kids really enjoyed it and the ice cream didn't hurt at all.

Rest of the week was working in the yard, pool time and friends, late nights etc.  Still trying to encourage Spencer to go out to hang out with the kids his age.  He still likes to stick with the 10 year olds rather than the 12 year olds.  I am amazed at how hard he finds it just to interact and goof around with other kids.  Nothing I can really do about it but keep encouraging him and trying to have kids over.  You wouldn't think going to go play tag with a bunch of boys would cause him so much grief but it does.  Hopefully he will figure it out.

Jeremy taught the 5th Sunday lesson today about priorities.  So he has been staying up late trying to pull his thoughts together this week.  He did a good job, I always enjoy listening to him teach.

Taylor had his last few days of school this week.  One day he walked 84 feet!  He doesn't walk voluntarily and it is really more of a controlled fall.  If he thinks you will help him at all he leans his whole weight on you.  He still goes to physical therapy once a week but we took the gait trainer back this week.  Right now its just practice and getting his muscle strength back up.

Love to you all, Heather