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Dear Family and Friends,

What is the purpose of playing sports if you can't do it with your friends?  Allison had her last softball game a week ago and Robyn's last game is this coming Tuesday.  Although I am looking forward to having our Tuesdays and Thursdays free once again they have loved running around with friends and I have loved spending our summer evenings cheering them on and chatting with friends.

My Dad flew home Monday with all of us sad to see him go.  We ate as much red meat as we could while he was here and enjoyed every moment.  Summer hit full force this week with temperatures in the high 90s almost every day.  We had one morning of a heavy  summer rain and I quickly opened up all our windows to get a little fresh air blowing through.  Between little kid sweaty funk and a dog who likes to clear a room, it was a very good thing.

I realized that we did all these fun activities this week and I was so busy having fun that I didn't take one picture.  Spencer did take one for us of Macho enjoying his latest kill under the deck.  He can't take care of the mouse in our pantry but the garter snakes in our garden better look out:

The three minions and I headed off for 7 peaks Tuesday to use up their free reader passes.  It was hot and crowded and the water felt great.  Once a year is just perfect for me but we loved every minute of it and had to drag Robyn away kicking and screaming from the water slides.  Saturday we had a pool day with Jeremy too so we had our share of sun and water this week.  Robyn's hair is almost white from all the chlorine.  Robyn is like a fish.  I don't worry about her getting dehydrated because she spends more time under the water than above and is just fine with all the water she must swallow.

Taylor had his first physical therapy appointment this week.  His therapist had a resident with him to do all the work.  At the end of the hour the resident was dripping sweat, Taylor had a big grin from all his passive resistance (I swear he takes a sick pleasure out of it!) and the therapist had a list of homework for us to do and a walker to bring home.  Taylor had three days of school this week and they put him on a treadmill with a harness to try to get his feet moving again.  He will stand for us now - for short periods of time, and very unwillingly and unstable - but he does not want to move his feet at all.  He won't take a step voluntarily or even move to catch himself if he falls.  Allison and Robyn were fasting today that his legs will start working again.  I walked him into the shower this week and looking in the mirror at him realized he is just bones and skin right now with very little muscle.  But we are working on it and he is gulping as much whole milk as we can give him.

Kids had their eyes all checked this week and have new eye glasses ordered as their eyesight had another big jump.  Spencer was convinced he didn't need new glasses until the doctor showed him what his prescription should be and he just was like oh, that looks a lot better.  Robyn continues to have Jeremy's eyesight and we will keep our fingers crossed for her.  We already know she has my teeth, hopefully she won't get all my defective genes.

Spencer had a big adjustment this week after scout camp of having to do jobs and live with a family again.  But sleep and attitudes are coming back around thankfully.  Yesterday I found him walking the lawn mower down the street to do neighbor's lawn that Jeremy had suggested needed to be done and he wanted to do it and surprise us.  Of course he got there to find their family had come over to do it already that morning so he got the feel good feelings without the sweat involved.

Friday night we went to a baseball game and then enjoyed the fireworks afterwards with cracker jack in hand.  I won't say we watched the game as our kids have somehow lost the skill to quietly sit and hang out and visit.  We need to get that back as I really miss just sitting and visiting.  Saturday night we went up to squaw peak to overlook the BYU stadium of fire and watch the fireworks from up there.  It was a beautiful view of the whole valley and the sunset.  Kids were much better at just sitting and getting along for two hours before it got dark.  Except for Robyn.  She just has a twitchy bug in her lately that likes to excite the twitchy bug in Spencer and then they just go berserk.  Definitely lots of room to improve there.

Jeremy conducted for his first time today and has a suit weighed down with tithing envelopes.  I think we need to reinforce his pockets.  Robyn came over to ask me when dad would come sit with her again and had that moment of realization that this was not a one time thing.  He is over deacons so gets to go to activities with Spencer which will be a good thing.

This week felt much more laid back and enjoyable.  Perhaps its because I found a good book at the library that kept me enthralled while kids ran circles around me.  Or perhaps its the strawberry milk shakes we had.  But it felt nice to just relax and hang out with family and catch up on some of our to do list.  Tomorrow we have our neighborhood of fire and kids are planning out their water balloon strategy.  Should be a fun 4th.

Love to you all, Heather