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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Storytelling festival

Dear Friends and Family,

Since we don't live by a beach our Labor Day weekends have turned into trips to the Timpangogous storytelling festival up in Provo canyon. Jeremy stayed with Taylor and Robyn for the day while I took Spencer and Allison. We left at 8:30 am with two extremely amped up kids and came home at 10:30 with two kids barely able to keep their eyes open. This video shows one of their favorite storytellers do a short bit:

We spent the day and evening listening to stories and songs. Kids made pots with the potters. Ate till I was sure their stomachs would explode from snack overload. Spencer got lost and had me paged. Allison dumped her lemonade into my shoe so I had squishy feet. All the normal whiney, lots of work crap that comes along with kids but mostly it was watching them laugh so hard tears were streaming down their cheeks. Allison went to the bathroom frequently just to make sure she wouldn't loose it during the funny stories. Laying on the grass watching the clouds while Spencer and Allison happily walk over together to stand in line for a dippin dots. It was a great, long day. Jeremy valiantly tried to work on photo stuff for the wedding he had done and Robyn told me this morning that she had a great time with Dad and got to watch LOTS of movies. So it was a good weekend for all.

Kids started back up with piano lessons this week. Had a few grumbles over practicing starting again but mostly they seem to enjoy it. Spencer has been trying to play the songs in the primary song book. Rest of the week was mostly just back to school routine - karate, gymnastics, dance class etc. Robyn went to her preschool's open house and was very excited about starting this week. Friday after she decided to jump on behind me on the treadmill while I frantically was pushing the stop button and she lost the skin on her chest and elbows - we took a little down time to shop for a princess back-pack. Found one exactly like she always wanted.

Spent one afternoon at the dentist working on Spencer's retainer. He has another 2 months and then he can stop wearing it during the day again. Picked up his new glasses Tuesday. Spencer was so excited to be able to see so well that he had zero anxiety about wearing them and has had a smile on his face ever since. Felt bad that he hasn't seen well for so long.

Jeremy had a busy week again. A last minute golf opening came up with his work for a tournament on Tuesday. It was a really big one, with dinner afterwards and a cool goody bag. So he had fun. Then Wednesday he spent the day taking photos for his cousin's daughter's wedding up in Ogden. And then he has been working hard to make up for lost time since. So a fun week but a busy one for him.

I have been trying to tackle the yard more this week. I thought everything looked puny because I wasn't doing anything in our yard. Then I realized that our flower bed sprinklers haven't been coming on since they were broken by the electricians - 3!!! weeks ago. I am impressed they have done as well as they have. Robyn helped me lay new carpet down in the playhouse. And then mostly I just have been slowly working my way around the yard.

Taylor's class has a group from a junior lockdown detention facility come in once a week to work with them. I guess Taylor really liked it and they really liked working with him. Thought it was pretty neat.

Life is good and I love you all, Heather

Our new lazy Sunday morning now that church starts at 1 p.m. for us. Spencer working on his talk and girls painting away.

Allison relaxing before the evening story telling show started. Her dinner consisting of chips, queso and sour cream next to her for the occasional bite. There was no nutritional value going on that night.

At the end of the day Saturday.

With the potters.

Spencer's first morning with glasses.

They had a kid share time during the lunch break where kids could get up in front of a couple hundred people and say a story. Spencer was brave, said he only looked at the microphone so he wouldn't freak out.