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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sweet freedom!

Dear Family and Friends,

This week was momentous. Robyn started preschool! She was very excited. A little nervous when we walked in and I said good-bye but then Miss Suzanne brought out a bag of princess ponies and she was hooked. She came home just jumping up and down to show me her homework and all her school work. I celebrated by going on a hike by myself in the nearby canyon. There is a trail head I always wanted to check out but it was too steep for our family to do. It felt very strange to be out in the middle of the day with no kids and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Robyn's preschool is twice a week for 2 hours. Which after driving carpool etc and picking up Allison for piano during one of those times, really isn't that much. But, its the difference between a happy Robyn and a sane Mom and us not being so happy and sane.

Between preschool, dance and our weekly temple play group I am getting quite spoiled. Robyn just soaks it up though and is much happier the rest of the time to just hang out with Mom all the time. She decided to stop wearing pull-ups at night this week. Did good for a few days and then lost it last night. So I had an early morning of giving her a bath and cleaning her bed up after being up with Allison because her eyes kept "playing tricks on her and showing her monsters".

It was sort of a churchy week. Went to the temple one morning, had a relief society pres. meeting the next day and then taught at enrichment the day after that. And Jeremy went with his presidency to tour the bishop's storehouse and do a service project. Some week church just keeps us hopping. Jeremy had one family photo shoot this week as well. He is experiencing some extreme frustration lately with his computer monitor not processing the colors in photos correctly.

Friday was the kids' school carnival. Everyone ate a bunch of Navajo tacos and snow cones and kids played all the carnival games. Spencer and Allison after a huge investment of tickets won a stuffed animal each, Robyn won one as well on her first try (there were some mutterings going on in the ranks on that one). After the carnival we had some friends come home with us to relax in the hot tub and everyone went to bed tired and clean.

Spencer's math grades went from Cs to Bs and As the day after he got his glasses so he seems to be doing well now. Allison joined choir this week and was very excited about it. Allison finally grew out of her size 5 pants that she got in kindergarten so yesterday we went on a jean shopping trip. Since she turns 8 this month I am glad she finally made it to the size 6 pants and not the slim ones either.

Last night Jeremy and I had as he put it a very "utilitarian" date. We went to the city BBQ cook-off and ate a big plate of really good BBQ. Hit the library for all my books on hold and then spent 2 hours at Home Depot getting all the stuff for our to-do lists. Things like the screws to fix the foosball table, the wire for the raspberry trellis etc. Have enough projects now to work on for a long time.

Robyn is sitting in my lap crying/whining because I yelled when for the 3rd time she decided to jump on my lap while I was typing and try to pull of my wedding band. Such a tough life but I guess my time is up! Love to you all, Heather

Robyn's first day picts: