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Sunday, August 30, 2009

The big faker

Dear Friends and Family,

Yesterday we learned what a good faker Spencer is. We took him in for an eye exam the we scheduled a week ago when he complained that it was hard to read the projector, that everything was a bit blurry. When they pulled out the eye chart and he could only read the top letter, I was floored. Allison is a bit worse at -2.5 but not much as Spencer is at -2.25. The doctor said Spencer must just be really good at "blur definition" - figuring out what the blurs mean and faking it. I felt really bad. So Spencer is getting some glasses in a week or so. So far we are batting 2 for 2 now. Wonder how early I should take Robyn in? Spencer did point out that bi-polar, retainers AND glasses are a bit much - I had to agree.

This week has been easing back into the school schedule. I am still a little off as Allison show up 30 minutes late for her first gymnastics class and Robyn shows up 15 minutes early for her dance class. My mind isn't quite with the schedule yet!

So Spencer is still doing karate, now only twice a week until his contract expires at the end of November. He says he doesn't want to do it again but he sure loves the experience. Spencer was placed in the 6/7 grade pre-algebra class at school which he was very stoked about. He really continues to enjoy his teacher who has turned his class room into a mock space ship where they have missions to perform. His teacher is an ex-court appointed foster parent for troubled youth. Great background for a teacher! Spencer continues to be hooked to his DS quite a bit but it is almost even with the Percy Jackson series of books that he started in Newport and continues to devour. Even I am really enjoying them. He had pack meeting this week and let the flag ceremony and got his aquanaut merit badge which he was proud about. I keep thinking I should buy him a new shirt as he stands up there with belly button showing if he moves the wrong way but he only has 6 months of cub scouts left!

Allison started her new gymnastics class this week. She has a male teacher for the first time which I think is a good thing. He told them they had to be able to do a pullover on the bar within two weeks or they were out. So Allison did it by herself 10 times in a row for the first time. Its where you put your toes on the bar and then flip your body around the bar. Since no one else in her class could do it yet she had a big smile on her face. Nothing like a little pressure to motivate you. She has been busy every day after school working on her "play" with her group of friends. Not quite sure what version of Wizard of Oz it will be but I know it requires lots of craft supplies as they make sets, costumes, tickets and flyers.

Robyn started her dance class this week. She was thrilled to dress up and try to follow the teacher to the music. She got a new leotard that has become her prized possession. We also started our temple play group Tuesday. So she played with two friends while I along with one of the moms, Ruth went to the temple while Brenda stayed with kids. It felt very strange being in the temple in the middle of a week day. But it was neat to go and I am excited for this opportunity. This week we are hosting the playgroup at our house. With being back on school schedules, Robyn is taking naps quite often now. It is so nice. Not so nice are the tears and melt-downs that go along with being tired enough for a nap.

Taylor seems to really enjoy his new school. They send home a button switch every day which he can push for me and we listen to a recorded message from his teacher. And then in the morning we send a message back with any concerns and tell what Taylor did that previous evening.

Jeremy has had a busy week. He had his usual night of church meetings, plus two family photo shoots plus a night of photo group meetings and he was trying to finish up a video for the young men. So he has been a little stressed trying to get everything done but having fun doing it. Yesterday we spent most of the day working at Lauri's place. We really only worked for 4 hours but with very helpful, whiny, let me stand right in front of you while you are trying to carry that heavy dresser up the stairs kids running around, it felt quite a bit longer. The 94 degree temps I am sure contributed. We made a lot of good progress though. I finished up all the probate papers this week so Jeremy is meeting with the clerk and we should get that under way. After our long, hot day I took the kids out for snow cones to celebrate.

After spending the day in his wheelchair in the hot dusty condo Taylor was ready to be pampered. So I took the kids up the canyon for a ward activity where Jeremy met us while Taylor stayed with Meredith and soaked in the hot tub and cuddled a bunch and made up for a bunch of missed calories. The church owns a very un-wheelchair friendly camp up in the canyon where our ward had an activity. We ate a bunch, Spencer and Allison went on the zip line, we went on a girl's only hike and Spencer found a dead tree to carry down the mountain. Best part is that we got to wear sweat shirts! Coolness feels so good right now.

This week Robyn and I went with the R.S. Stake Pres. to a luncheon for one of the counselors. It was at this extremely girly, snotty, cool boutique that also serves lunch. It is definitely on my list to visit with any female relatives! It was a lot of fun. The rest of the week Robyn and I tackled getting our house in order. We picked one of our apple trees and one of the pear trees and made a bunch of applesauce and pear-applesauce. We picked all our tomatoes and canned salsa. Finally cleaned our oven out and Allison's closet. Feels good to start catching up on some things. We even cleaned out the shoe cubbies and found out how many new shoes for the winter we need to buy (not a pleasant revelation!). Nothing big this week, just normal life which I am really enjoying.

Love, Heather

Realized I didn't post a picture of Taylor going back to school. He was standing up until I got the camera. If you look closely he is smiling because I kept trying to get him to stand back up but he wasn't going to do it!

Our apple and pear tree went gang busters this year. Hardly any worms which surprised me because we didn't spray.

Spencer and Allison made their own snack this week of nachos. They were quite pleased with themselves as they cleaned up their mess afterwords.

Our new weed free corner. Still need to landscape it but am still mulling over ideas.

Robyn showing off her new leotard - post nap, hence the hair style.

Allison has been busy making "cakes" for her friends this week. They involve freezing different types of sprinkles and melted candies. Rocky loves this as he cleans up any spills.


Skeeutopia said...

Heather, you are always so busy! I don't know how you do it. You are something I strive to day. :)

And congrats on the run! You ran REALLY fast in my book. I can't run under 10 min miles - even if it's only for a 2-mile run. Again, something I strive for!

And poor Spencer! What a champ, though. It's hard figuring our bodies out - I'm still doing so. Give him a big hug for us.