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Friday, August 21, 2009

Back to School Photos

The kids are back to school this week, much to Heather’s great enjoyment :)  Of course it is still a busy week getting started on all this, but it must be a good thing if Heather is meeting a couple of her friends at Kneader’s this morning to celebrate!  There has to be some real relief knowing that there is once again some available time during the day when kids are at school for, if nothing else, some decent amount of quiet time to get things done!

Heather asked that I take some quick photos of the kids yesterday before their first day at school.  I thought I’d share the snapshots.  Robyn doesn’t start pre-school yet, but of course she wanted to be a part of the big “first day” activities as well.

20090820-IMG_6325 20090820-IMG_6326 20090820-IMG_6327 20090820-IMG_6328 20090820-IMG_6329 20090820-IMG_6330 

P.S. Photos from the vacation are coming soon, it’s just been pretty busy catching up on some things.  I am planning to post them to a SmugMug gallery in full resolution for everyone to grab that would like them.