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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Viva Las Vegas

Dear Friends and Family,

Jeremy and I literally just got back from our weekend away. If you recall a few months ago Jeremy won the grand prize at a golf tournament for a weekend away at Las Vegas. So we invited 3 other couples that are friends to go with us and headed down Friday for our weekend away. The guys enjoyed their free round of golf at Lake Las Vegas this really posh golf resort. We all enjoyed this incredible penthouse condo and lots of amazing meals, including my favorite - cheesecake. The women spent an afternoon on the strip checking out a few of the casinos, touring the shark exhibit at Mandalay Bay and riding the roller coaster at New York New York (little nervous about that one, but it was so fast and furious I didn't have time to get queasy just scream and laugh). Best part was just spending a weekend away with friends talking and having a great time together. I went jogging/walking each morning around the 2 mile man made lake just admiring the gardens and glad to be alive. Kids had a great time with Meredith. We came back to welcome home and I love you signs posted everywhere courtesy of Allison and dessert courtesy of Spencer. It was a good weekend.

Besides that the week was just full of busy ordinary, hair pulling at times, laugh out loud at other, full of kids in your face times. Monday Robyn came with me to help move over a few odds and ends over to Lauri's and help hang up some pictures. They asked about having housekeeping come in more often to help Lauri out as she really can barely get out of her jazzy now to do anything. So I think that will be a good thing. Robyn was a pill for that morning, thinking it would be fun to kick over the lamps! So she made up for it another morning this week when we went to clean out a house of a lady who was moving. All this cleaning of other people's houses has really made me look again at all our nooks and crannies! I lifted out the stuff in our knife drawer and realized how bad things have gotten. So maybe I'll start cleaning all those places I should - probably not but its a nice thought!

I started working on sewing covers for the pillows for our bed. Then I am all set to start on painting Robyn's room. I found this cute pattern for little stuffed birds. Christina is willing to come work her magic on Robyn's wall so I am really pumped up about getting it all put together!

Jeremy has had a photo week this week. Monday Jason's family came over for FHE and then stayed to have pictures taken of their kids. Jeremy has set up his lights and back drop downstairs in the basement as he took baby portraits for a friend on Saturday. Then Tuesday was Jeremy's non-photo day so he came home early and set up the Christmas lights. Then we mentally kicked ourselves for not checking all the bulbs BEFORE we put them up. So I need to go get some more bulbs and then we can go replace all the burned out ones. Wednesday Jeremy went straight from pack meeting to teaching the young men in our basement about taking pictures. Then on Thursday night Jeremy spent the evening taking pictures of scouts at the court of honor. So Jeremy was a tad bit busy at night this week.

My plan this week is to shop, clean, laundry, cook and then be prepared to sit back and visit with family and eat pie. Sounds like a good plan to me. I just looked over and realized some water damage has caused the paint in our kitchen to peel off in one spot - looks like our kids have been helping it along. Guess I will have to start day dreaming about painting the kitchen...

Love to you all, Heather

At Mandalay Bay Shark Exhibit with my friends Dee, Jill and Monica.

Robyn at her gymnastics class.

We make our kids do jumping jacks, sit-ups, push-ups etc when they are bouncing off the walls - especially Spencer. They don't even argue anymore they just do them. Robyn often joins in.

Robyn during floor time of her gymnastics class. I am not sure how much she learns but she sure enjoys her class.