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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Made me smile!

Thought I would share Spencer's homework essay as it made me smile. Enjoy!

A Future Career by Spencer Hall
My dad is an internet marketer and I want to be one too. I grew up around computers and t.v.’s When I was my dad got me a job at his office. My dad actually let me us his flash media.
Someday my dad said we’ll get you your own laptop. Internet marketers make all sorts of things. I want to be the one my dad is. My dad makes internets and photography.
I already help my dad with his work. I’ve already made 2 internets plus I’ve downloaded 5 profiles. It is fun helping an internet marekter.
Of course I’ll need lot’s of computers, cameras, laptops, workers, and flash media. My favorite part is making internets. Someday I want to be a true internet marketer.