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Sunday, November 9, 2008

The sickness is over!

Dear Family and Friends,

I am sure I am jinxing myself by the title to this post but I am really crossing my fingers that everyone is over the hump now and that sickness is banished from our house for a while. I am spraying the lysol and handing out the vitamins. Spencer stayed home from school Monday (very sick, asleep most of the day) and Tuesday (bouncing off the walls with boredom, constantly following me around, talking to me, I was pulling out my hair). Jeremy had a bad fever/cold hit him Friday night that left him lying there dripping in sweat. But today everyone is sniffle and relatively cough free and everyone has smiles on their faces.

The smiles might have had more to do with the fact that my parents came down for the day. Spencer and Allison had their primary program in sacrament meeting. At one point they sang Called to Serve and had all the past and current missionaries with their tags on march up to join them in singing the 2nd verse. So my parents went up with Jeremy. It was a very cool moment. Spencer wore Jeremy's spare tag for the program and was quite proud. Then we spent the afternoon talking, visiting, Allison working on file folder games and crafts while Spencer tried to play Runescape and tell us random thoughts periodically. And to top the evening off I finally made rolls that actually tasted like rolls instead of hard round balls of roughage! Its only taken me what, 17 years on my own to get the recipe right?

Taylor is still having some rougher seizure days but also is having better days as well, just depends. He has been enjoying the sun mid week that melted all the snow. Yes I did say snow!

Spencer and I got to struggle through all his math make-up work - it was a BAD afternoon that required infusions of cookie dough. Then he ended up being ahead of his class so he got to coast for a day or two. Yesterday his class had a party at the BYU games center - bowling and pizza. Jeremy was gone and Allison was at the primary practice so I drove Spencer and his friend down. While they played - Robyn, Taylor and I got to tour the campus. We visited the fishes in the Widtsoe basement and saw all the new buildings that have gone up since I graduated. It has really changed and looks much better than the construction zone that it was for half my college years. Robyn's favorite part was the BYU candy counter where she handed over her 50 cents all by herself and pointed to the candy she wanted as they patiently weighed it out for her.

Allison is getting excited to try out this week for the school play. She is just happy and loving school and friends - except for those moments of high drama, tears, screeching - can't find her shoes that she wants, Robyn sat on top of her canopy or ruined a drawing etc.

Robyn is just 2 an awful lot. Of course I sum up her behavior by saying she is 2, but in a few months she will be 3 will that be any better. We took Lauri to a doctor's appointment Monday that ended up being delayed by an hour and a half. Robyn decided she did not want to be there and spent the full 2 hours screaming and being a wild child. Then she takes a nap and wakes up giggling and dancing like a princess and giving me lots of hugs and kisses.

This is one of those weeks where I knew what I should do - clean our bathrooms - and did everything else first to avoid the job. Cleaned out closets, my file cabinet until those toilets had to be faced! Friday I went over and cleaned out kitchen cabinets at Lauri's. My friend Allison took Robyn for the morning and without her around to worry about, it really wasn't too bad. Made a lot of progress - one small bite out of an elephant really - but I am trying to focus on what has been done, rather than what is left. Friday night Jeremy and Jason moved Lauri over to her permanent apartment, on the non-lockdown side. I am sure she will be glad to have the freedom to move around and to be in her permanent home where we can hang up pictures etc.

Jeremy has been enjoying his photography this week. He was able to attend a photography class up in SLC and on Saturday he hosted a photo class at his work. He really enjoys his hobby/job! He was asked to do another wedding to bolster the new camera body fund.

Last night with Jeremy still a little under the weather I went out by myself. Went to the temple and ran some errands, picked up a mirror for the basement bathroom etc. It felt very strange to be out and about by myself. I even went and picked up a sandwich - something I never do. Liberating and yet an odd feeling at the same time.

No real news this week, just normal busy week - I was going to say quiet but that is NEVER the case around here. Although at the moment as I sit here digesting carrot cake and kids are in bed for light and book time life is pretty darn good. Jeremy and I watched the Lake House Friday night. A drawn out girlie type movie but I really enjoyed it. Made me think about how timing is everything in life.

Love to all, Heather