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Sunday, May 27, 2018

April - Play madness

For a large portion of March and all of April my girls live and breathe Center Stage as they practice and perform their play.  This year was Mary Poppins.  They had practices almost every day for several hours and often on weekends.  They are on one tired, emotional, super happy, hyper, never wanting to stop high for a good 5 weeks there. 

During that crazy time of Mary Poppins (photos to follow) we also had Jeremy's CT-Scan.  The tumors had grown quite a bit and it was obvious that Gleevac was no longer being effective.  So we moved ahead with meeting with the surgeon and scheduling surgery for June 1st.   It was disappointing but also not that surprising.  Jeremy had been feeling quite a bit of pain off and on so we were pretty sure the tumors had grown.  In many ways I feel that its been a good shift in our thinking.  This isn't some acute emergency, this is a life style, a part of our life that is not going to go away.  It will have its hills and valleys but this is what we are going to be living with from now on.  So instead of letting cancer be our life, it needs to be a part of our life and not our central focus, although at times it will have to be.  Just like lots of things are part of our life from Taylor's disabilities to Spencer struggling with bi-polar to me figuring out how to work full time.  It is just another aspect of our life from now on.

Spencer came home the weekend before the play which happened to be the same weekend my parents had come out so they could see the play the next weekend.  It worked out wonderfully as Spencer was able to go through the temple that Saturday and give his farewell talk Sunday before heading back to college for finals.  And despite his best efforts he was still unable to take his old YM leader in arm wrestling.  It is amazing to watch your son making such great choices and at the same time hitting your head and wondering about small stupid things, "how did I fail to teach him that?"

Our washing machine broke and we have been having the repair guy make regular stops at our house as we work through the warranty process.  Its been 5 weeks of repair visits.  You think at some point they will realize it would be cheaper just to replace it!  And to help keep things interesting Allison had a tooth go bad and required some more extensive work.  Life is never boring around here!

But the girls had a wonderful time living with Mary Poppins non-stop and strengthened friendships, got too little sleep and wore themselves out.  They wouldn't change a thing.

They do such an awesome job and I love watching them perform. Somewhere hidden in a camera if a photo of my girls with my parents who flew out to see them.  We will have to track it down.