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Sunday, April 23, 2017


My weekly posts have now become a monthly post!  We finished up March with Robyn's wax museum where she posed as Florence Nightingale thanks to a talented grandma who figured out an apron and hot ensemble and a gracious neighbor who had the perfect lantern when Mom's lantern was not authentic enough.

Women's broadcast with the cousins plus a friend followed by visiting, cheese sandwiches and cupcakes.

Then we took Taylor to respite, Allison to a friend (for half the time) and Robyn to cousins and we were off for Spencer's senior trip.  After a long plane ride to Florida, we each chose how to best recover.  Spencer and Jeremy hit the gym and I lay by the pool and napped.  Then it was off to Medieval Times to live out Spencer's dream of seeing jousting and sword fighting and eating with our fingers.  We waved our pennants, wore our crowns and cheered for the yellow knight.

The next day we went to Port Canaveral to board our cruise ship. 

We played, ate and ate and relaxed a ton.  We haven't really had a lot of down time since everything hit after Christmas so it was good to just decompress and be for a bit.

Jeremy said he lost track of how many photos of me looked like this:

Or this:

I think I took a nap almost every day of our vacation plus slept a good 8 hours each night.   But my favorite nap of all was when Jeremy and I found a hammock one day on our last afternoon.  I could have laid there forever.

We spent one day at sea, one day at Little Cay (a private island owned by Carribean), Nauseau and Freeport all in the Bahamas.  We snorkeled, and swam a bunch and walked all over.  I couldn't get over how warm and blue the ocean was and how soft and clear the sand was.

We visted a zoo, kayaked through Mangroves and swam as much as we could.  Watched outdoor movies and went to shows.  And ate - I couldn't believe that Spencer could eat so much food.  It was a little unreal.  The taco stand and french fry places were much loved.

Then it was back home to girls who had been shuttled to play practice all week by their amazing aunt Kelly and Taylor who did great in respite.  It was an awesome vacation.  A few hiccups like Spencer being up for 2 hours one night throwing up - I blame it on all the food - and felt much too short.  And Spencer learned what it means when I suggest we walk around and look at the island a bit.  Next time he is packing hiking shoes.

Back to real life of school and work.  Morning after we get back, Spencer comes downstairs beaming, "I lost 2 pounds!", Jeremy "I gained 10!" which of course he has since worked off.  I need some of his will power.

All college papers and observations are done for me.  One more week of teaching and I am official.  I have started meeting with my new school and getting stuff rolling there.  Jeremy had to close down the studio so currently our garage is full of lots of stuff till we can find a way to store it or he finds a new place.  Spencer and Allison both got their classes all registered for next year.  Allison got a full scholarship to a writing camp at SUU over which she is very excited.  And all the other odds and ends.  Jeremy has had lots of city council meetings and photo stuff lately.  And girls are in the thick of play practices.  But of course we get all the fun stuff too like Easter with cousins.  Grateful that our kids still like doing all the kid stuff for a day.  And they let me snitch some of the mini-cadburry eggs!