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Sunday, June 21, 2015

The eagle has landed

Tonight was Spencer's Eagle Court. It is done, it was awesome and now we are finished. I am proud of him for all the work he has put into this and grateful for leaders who love and understand his sometimes quirky personality and help him in so many ways.

Taylor started summer camp this week.  There was no ESY (extended school year - 3 hours of school in the morning a few days a week) so he was able to go every day.  He spends the morning doing a class where they play, work on goals and do art projects.  Then they eat lunch and do an activity.  Monday, Wednesday and Friday they go places like a movie, a museum, a city carnival and then on Tuesdays and Thursdays they do swimming at the Provo pool.  I pick him up at 3 and he is tired and happy.  Then twice a week he comes home just in time to meet his masseuse.  Its a tough life I tell you!  He really does seem to be enjoying having more activities in his life as I am trying to step up my game a bit with him.  He also has not been doing great on the digestive front so hopefully he gets better soon.

Monday was going to be our pool day but after Spencer ran over a screw it turned into a replace all our tires type of day.  You would think that would be a bad thing and it was to our wallet.  But our kids were all so excited to postpone their pool day to a FHE night.  Allison made dinner and packed our picnic.  Spencer fed Taylor and when Jeremy walked through the door it was a lets mob Dad moment and play at the pool type of evening.

Saturday the scene repeated itself as we did a family day at the zoo.  Jeremy kept whispering to me, "do you think the kids want some dad time?" as they literally couldn't stop talking, poking at him and being his little shadow.  By the end of the day they had calmed down and were just happy to stop by Trader Joe's to stock up on treats and help cook meals drenched in butter for a photo shoot for Jeremy.

This week I have been working on my farmer's tan as we have spent a lot of time working on our yard and relearning that summer does not mean not doing work.  Allison and Robyn have been finding friends to play with.  Spencer continues to work and enjoy his free meals.  Robyn loves swim team and is fully dressed ready to go an hour early most days.  I have two weeks left of school left and am finishing up final tests and assignments.  I retook my math test and passed it this time.  I couldn't believe I got an 85% the first time - its 5th grade math!  I learned my lesson.  Never take a test after a three hour class and an hour test without dinner.  My mind just stops functioning.

Robyn is heavily into Harry Potter and spent some days putting off jobs all day because she could not stop reading.  Then a friend stops by or night games start and she gets the needed motivation to do her work.  She started a library class once a week where she gets prizes for reading and they have a class for the older kids about different books.

This week we got our new door in our kitchen.  My super generous parents got us new door for Christmas and we have been slow in getting them in and ordered.  I still have to caulk and paint and we are waiting for a stucco guy to fix the edges on the outside.  But we are all really enjoying having a door that opens and shuts so easily.  We put a little ramp over the door's threshold so we can push Taylor in and out.

Robyn made a bucket list at Activity Days and has been busy working on it.  One of her items was to make fancy cupcakes so Sunday she and Allison got busy.

Robyn had her first swim meet this week.  It was just her and me because everyone had commitments but she stayed by me while I timed events and made all her heats.  I forgot how looooong swim meets are!  She got 1st in fly, 3 in breast and 4th in fly but most importantly she didn't get DQ'd which is a huge accomplishment for her.  Her coach has been working with her and said she is ready to move out of the beginner team but Robyn decided that she is starting to make friends and really likes her coach so she doesn't want to move.  She just wants her coach to keep telling her what she can do better after practice and she will work on it on her own.  One day this week we made it to 3 different pools in one day - Robyn slept really well that night.

This week was Strawberry Days - our city's festival.  Spencer worked a couple of night and came home soaked in grease from the grill and I do mean literally soaked as his work is right next to the carnival.  We went to the parade Saturday morning and kids grabbed tons of candy and cheered for the pooper scooper.  Saturday night we went to the rodeo and decided that next year it will be worth it to pay a few dollars more to get seats in the shade.  Sitting for 2 hours in 100 degrees on metal seats gets really hot.  But we got to hoop and hollar, watch the crazy cowboys and motorcycle stunts and fireworks and eat some strawberries and cream.  Its one of my favorite family times of the year.

Friday night we were able to have a BBQ at our house with a group of ladies I run with and their spouses.  It was fun for Jeremy to meet all the people I talk about.  I am blessed to know people who put up with my 6 am slow running style and always are fun to be around.  They make me run and bike faster and longer than I could by myself and always leave me wanting to do a little better in my life.

Two tender mercies this week.  Robyn has been wanting to make fudgecicles - its on her bucket list.    She even called my mom to get her recipe.  One day my visiting teacher showed up with all the ingredients in hand.  Robyn kept saying, "how did she know?"  Another time I was saying how much I just wanted something chocoalte with frosting and debating whether I could be selfish enough to run to Kneaders for a single serving.  I literally finished saying this when the doorbell sounded and there was my neighbor with brownies.  I recognize that God is blessing me with chocolate this week - obviously he knows me very very well.