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Sunday, June 7, 2015

School is out!

The last two weeks have been winding down of school and last week activity activities and then Girl's Camp.  Summer is officially here and school is out.

Spencer only had one day of school that last week.  So he spent some quality time sleeping, job hunting and getting his driver's license.  It was a big week for him!  He got hired by Chubby's a hamburger place by us that he loves.  He was so cute walking in for his interview, hair done, church clothes on, and resume in hand.  He started while I was at Girl's Camp and worked 5-6 hours most nights.  The first night Jeremy took Robyn in for a shake and to wave hi at him.  He has his station toasting the buns and making salads.  Best part is that he gets a free meal for every shift.  I anticipate our food bill going down!  He is worried that he is going to get a fat belly so he is trying to mix up his meals and not just have heart stopping burgers every night.

Spencer was psyched to get his driver's license and Jeremy spent Saturday night driving his route to work over and over with him so he would feel comfortable.  He drove Allison to a party one night and Robyn to swim team.  He still makes me very nervous but he is trying hard and is super proud of being able to go places by himself.  His goal this summer is to get through his ACT prep book so he has been working on that every morning.

Robyn had her dance festival at school.  I was able to go into work late and loved seeing her.  She has been working hard on memorizing her dance.  For super hero capes they cut up old t-shirts.  She also had field day and parties galore.  The last day of school we had cousins come over and we burned all our homework books, roasted hot dogs and marshmallows and went to the pool.  It was a great way to finish the school year.  Robyn's friend Kelly who used to live next door was in Utah for the week and joined us for most afternoon/evenings.  Robyn loved it.

This last week Robyn started swim team.  She was so excited and nervous to go the first day she made Jeremy come home from work super early to drive her over.  Now she is an old pro at it.  They put her in an easy level so they are going to move her up.

Taylor did not have the best last week of school.  He just was not his usual happy self, think he just was backed up.  So a weekend of a big clean out - don't worry I won't share details - was in order before he left Sunday night to go to a respite place at DSPD.  He stayed there until Saturday afternoon.  They accidentally wrote Jeremy's cell phone number with a 4 instead of a 9 so when I got sporadic cell phone service Tuesday I had all these messages saying they were concerned about Taylor.  But Jeremy talked to them.  Taylor had a bunch of seizures and then went back to his normal self willing to eat and drink again.  When I picked him up Saturday he looked quite content and happy - full belly, freshly bathed, laying in a bean bag by an open door listening to music.  He was noticeably thinner though and has been happy and eating a ton since he got back.   Think it was a good learning experience and next time will be much easier for everyone.

Allison and I left bright and early Monday morning to go to girl's camp in Heber Valley till Friday morning.  It was an awesome week.  Hikes, firesides, skits and songs, personal progress, crafts, devotionals, canoes, ropes courses and very, very little sleep.  When we got home Friday Allison fell asleep in the bathtub and spent most of the day sleeping.  I grabbed a little nap before heading off with Robyn for swim team and errands.  Sort of felt like I had run a marathon, just needed a few days of sleep, healthy food and a regular schedule.  But I loved girl's camp.  It was an awesome experience.

The week before we left was spent getting ready to leave and doing lots of homework.  While I was gone Jeremy ran point on kids and activities and everyone was still alive and happy when I got back.  I had arranged for Taylor to spend one more day at the respite center so I could unpack and clean up and we could do the city family hike on Saturday morning.  The city serves a breakfast and has games and crafts along our favorite trail to the waterfall.  Always a fun time.

And although Spencer was willing to help Robyn with the sling shot challenge and Allison was willing to help make a princess hat for Jasper, I had to step in for the obstacle course.