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Roby has loved her first week at her new school.  All the teachers and staff have looked out for her and I am grateful to parents who prompted and kids who thought to come over and give her hugs and high fives all week long.  My favorite part is that every morning I get to walk to school with her and we have some solo mom and daughter time.  She walks home with her friend Luke and his family every afternoon and thinks its great.  She was busy this week making a cute birds house for her valentine box and putting together valentines for her class.  Allison working behind her was busy making monkeys with little banana candies saying she was bananas for her friends.  Robyn asked Spencer where his valentines were and he informed her that boys in high school do not do things like that.  Instead he brought doughnuts for everyone to the bus stop and thought that was cool.

I spent the week sick with a cold and actually took Wednesday off of work and just spent it curled up in bed with a book.  Now I can finally speak and it doesn't sound like a munchkin anymore.  But if I start coughing, its all over for a good ten minutes.  Can't speak or function but just have to suck furiously on my cough drop.

BUT we did have a surprise visitor Wednesday night and were delighted to have my brother drop-by.  He even brought JCW shakes so kids were bouncing off the walls with joy.  Made my day to be able to visit for awhile.

Friday Jeremy and I had our Valentine's date, something I was looking forward to all week long.  He took me out to a Thai restaurant I have been wanting to try and then to a movie - Taken 3 - the antithesis of every Valentine movie.  It was awesome just to be out without any errands to do or kids.

Saturday the kids and I got to go to Family Day at Rootstech.  This involves Allison being in the car ready to go two hours early and Robyn and Spencer groaning how awful it was going to be.  They loved it.  It ended with watching Studio C and David Archeletta and then we had to go raid Trader Joe's to stock up on treats.  Kids picked out their own valentine treats this year.

Saturday morning we had had our annual waffles, strawberries and cool whip breakfast.  I felt like I was doing pretty good at Valentine's this year.  And then while we were in SLC kids were talking about how I always do a special dinner with cards and presents for them at their place on Valentine's Day.  And all I could think of was Oh shoot!  So Jeremy found their cards and wrote them notes and set them out, along with picking up cupcakes for everyone and a gorgeous bouquet for me.  I am grateful he always has my back.  Then he went for a walk with Jasper...

We got a text during the late afternoon that Jasper had been attacked by a german shepherd and that they were going to the instacare vet.  Story is that Jeremy went for a walk and a big dog ran out of a house.  So he scooped up Jasper.  The owner came out and put the shepherd away and brought out his little dog and asked if they could socialize.  Jeremy put Jasper down and the German Shepherd came barreling out of the garage and picked up Jasper in his mouth and started attacking him.  So Jeremy dropped to the ground and wrestled Jasper out of his mouth.  The owner drove Jeremy to the vet where Jasper was anesthetized, punctures stapled and is on pain pills and anti-biotics.  Jasper is a little edgy now!  We have been trying outfits on him to keep him off the sores. He isn't liking it.

But he should make a full recovery physically and be fine.  We are hoping the shaking and nervousness wear off soon but our kids are giving him lots of love.