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Sunday, February 15, 2015

7 Layer Dip

This is one of those recipes I didn't write down because I assumed my kids would just remember how to do this when they leave home with this collection of recipes.  But then I thought again...  And I realized that I had already posted this recipe but we have altered it over the years.  For example we decided we no longer liked shredded lettuce.

7 Layer Dip

1.  1 large 30 oz can spicy refried beans or 1 30 oz can of regular refried beans with a 1/3 c salsa stirred into it
2. 1 16 oz container of sour cream with 1 packet or 2 Tbsp of taco seasoning stirred in
3. 3 avocados blended with 1/2 c salsa and 1 tsp salt
4. favorite salsa
5. 1 14 oz can corn sauteed in 1 tbsp oil along with 3 diced and seeded jalapenos and sauteed until corn and peppers are slightly charred
6. shredded cheddar cheese or mexican blend cheese
7. chopped tomatoes

Arrange ingredients in layers and in order 1-7 in a large platter.  Serve with chips and keep in fridge until you are ready to serve.