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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Our baby is growing up

Monday, our baby turned 9.  Hardly seems possible.  She wanted to have her special breakfast in bed with bacon, eggs and sausage - go snowshoeing with cousins - and eat nachos and ice cream.  So that is just what we did.  Everyone had a fabulous time (minus the hour crying when Allison had to come with us instead of babysitting or the first time snowshoeing grumps of Spencer till he figured things out - but I am getting better at just moving past those moments.)  It was so warm snowshoeing that everyone was shedding layers as we went.  I actually saw a kid ski past us in shorts and a t-shirt!

Thanks to everyone who helped make her special day just that more special.

This week Spencer had volleyball tryouts as that starts up again.  And he also had his Eagle Board of Review where he got his eagle.  He was super nervous about it but did great.  He had his old young man leader come introduce him which I think Spencer really appreciated.

I am so so glad for all of us that he is DONE!  Now just for the court of honor and future scout stuff but the pressure to finish is over.  I had an experience this week with a 15 year old kid at school with bi-polar.  Made me so grateful for Spencer's drugs and that if he had to become sick it was at such a young age.  The alternative would have been a lot worse.  Jeremy brave man that he is has been taking Spencer driving a bunch.  He is in Driver's Ed now and is wanting to get serious about getting his license.  I pray a lot harder now and am grateful for a husband who stays calm and consistent in teaching Spencer.

This week Jasper got a haircut and revealed more of his naughty side as well all get used to training a puppy again.  He looks so much better and his coat feels soft and smells good.  He came home and everyone wanted to cuddle him.  We had a girl nearby cut his hair this time since it was his first time and next time we are going to try to do it.  He might be a pain at times but everyone loves coming home to an eager, excited puppy who showers them with licks.

Somehow the week seems to fly by but really there isn't much to write about.  Jeremy was nice enough to spend our date making young woman flyers for me.  Allison has been busy working on a presentation for a club competition at school and won her class election to become governor.  Robyn and I got to sneak away and watch her cousin Brynn's 2nd grade play.  All those little moments that keep life busy and happy.  Jeremy has been busy working to pull together things for the outdoor expo his company is putting on.  Its coming up fast and its neat to see the billboards he designed up on the freeways.


The Skeehan Family said...

Congrats Spencer! What a fabulous accomplishment!!! And yay Allison! So glad she won, she will have so much fun! And of course, happy birthday again to a darling Robyn, who we adore.

And love those pictures of Jasper... he does seem pretty cute. Maybe I should stop razzing you now about having a little dog :)