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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Jasper's official and medical visits

There is nothing like coming home from the grocery store to find your kids up on the roof being taught by their dad to take down the Christmas lights.  Makes my heart melt and my anxiety level rise!

If you look closely at Allison's mouth you will notice she has a retainer again.  She lost her old retainer a month ago.  So this week we spent two afternoons at the dentist, once getting a mold done for her retainer and one time going back to get the retainer fitted, and then redone and fitted was a long afternoon.  So she is back to speaking with a lisp as her teeth shift around yet again.

This week I spent an afternoon at the ortho with Taylor figuring out what was wrong with his hip.  Right before Christmas he woke up unable to use his left leg.  He was that way for almost a week
 and then very slowly has been improving.  Turns out he had an infection in his hip joint.  But the screws and plates in his hips are all looking good and the infection went away so he is good to do rehab and get back into shape walking wise.  I guess it can happen to people just randomly and usually it just clears up in a week or two.  And usually it doesn't happen again.  So that was all good news.

This week was also Taylor's IEP for the year.  One of his goals is to lift his head when people greet him and shake their hand.  Another of his goals is to push a vacuum.  It is a great task for his balance and walking abilities as you have to shuffle back and forth while holding onto a vibrating handle.  I have been even more impressed with the people who work with Taylor since I have been at his school.  They really do love these kids.  We also got him a yes/no switch to push to communicate.  He definitely knows how to push the buttons but we are working on him doing it meaningfully.

Robyn and Allison had their casting meeting this week.  Allison is a tap dancing rat, a Duloc dancer and a fox.  Robyn is Alice in Wonderland, a sign, and a dancing bird.  They are doing Shrek this year.  They are both super excited about their parts.

Yesterday we went up to the Humane Society and officially adopted Jasper.  Next Saturday we are going to try to cut his hair.  The girls are enjoying styling his hair into mohawks but I think he will see better if his eyebrows get trimmed.  For FHE this week we bought him toys and a bed.  He has a squeaky carrot that he just loves and carries all over the house.  They got him some minature tennis balls to play fetch with.  He is the source of much bickering and happiness in our house.  I even had a mom lecture for FHE about how we don't fight in our family even if we disagree.  Kids got on a roll to explain how they don't fight either...they just disagree, have a different opinion, discuss loudly, debate etc.  They have a large vocabulary at times.

Friday night we got to go on a double date with friends to see the BYU opening mens volleyball game.  Spencer also was there with the teachers.  I split my concentration between the court and watching Spencer trying to dance for the dance off opposite us.  I forgot how much we enjoy watching volleyball games.  They are awesome, short and fast paced.

This week I had two friends bring me dinner for our family.  Our kids were stumped.  What do you mean they are bringing us dinner just because they care for us.  Doesn't there have to be a reason?  I really do know some amazingly loving people.