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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Here today, gone tomorrow

Monday I picked up a very happy Allison from the airport.  She had a great time visiting Mimi, Daniel and her cousins.  She was so happy to see her own bed - not so happy to return to siblings.  She spent a day pretending to strangle Spencer behind his back as we fit in eye check ups and laundry and packing.  Then she was off to her first Girl's Camp.  She was so thrilled to go, I had to chase her down to get a hug good-bye in the church parking lot.

Allison and the other first years:

Allison got to share a tent with some really neat girls including her good friend Evelyn.

They hiked, they canoed, they had water fights and devotionals.  She came home dirty, tired and sad to leave on Saturday.  Now its back to reality for her.

This week Robyn started swim team.  She complains about going but she is ready to go and at the door thirty minutes early every morning and comes home with a big smile on her face.  She has several friends doing it this year which adds to the fun.

Friday night they had a meet the coach's night where Robyn got to eat cookies and have a big shaving cream fight.  She liked it till someone dumped a bucket of shaving cream over her head.  She didn't think that was so hilarious, but I did.

Tuesday while we were all at the store we decided Jeremy had been serious about squirting kids with water guns when they forgot their manners.  It was a tough day Tuesday for Jeremy but I think a little water therapy ended the day on a good note.  Robyn and Allison thought drenching Spencer, whose water gun was broken, was awesome.

Spencer a few days later was found squirting Robyn when she was trying to fake her piano practice.  We have had to set some ground rules as to who is allowed to use water guns as a consequence.

Taylor has been adjusting to us taking him everywhere as we settle into a summer schedule.  His masseuse comes to our house twice a week which I think is his favorite time of the week.  For his birthday my parents gave him a toy piano.  One of the settings makes bird noises which is his favorite.

Friday afternoon Jeremy and I took Taylor to court to get guardianship.  All that preparation and paperwork and we were in front of the judge for maybe 3 minutes.  We are now officially Taylor's guardians - again.

Saturday morning we went up in the mountains for the annual city breakfast and hike.  They have lots of little games along the trail and at the picnic area for kids to play.  Robyn is in heaven.  Spencer complained a lot but secretly he really likes it.

Saturday afternoon was Robyn's dance recital.  She had a dress rehearsal Friday and it helped with nerves a lot.  Even though her mom took her to the wrong school, late, and then took her to the right school even later - it was not a super mom type of morning - Taylor didn't get breakfast till 11 that day.  And luckily Allison came home right before as I have been informed that Allison knows how to do stage make up much better than I do.

This week has been a tough adjustment as Spencer switches to a summer schedule. Every year we struggle with this transition. Monday we quickly learned that he has to eat breakfast before he goes to crossfit.  Eating breakfast at 11 after working out does not make for a happy morning.  So we are slowly figuring things out and hopefully I will not hurt him in the process.  We met with his psychiatrist this week and he brought up that either its him or his pills that makes Spencer act mildly autistic.  Nothing we didn't know but he challenged us to work on social skills more.  This week we have been getting his pack all ready for his high adventure.  I am trying to stay positive about this but I am getting really sick of pouring over this list and repacking over and over again his pack with him.  Luckily we had some leftover chocolate cake this week and I am getting better at deep breaths.

On Wednesday and Thursday we got to have their cousins Garion, Kayla and Brynn spend some time with us.  We spent an afternoon at the pool one day and then the other day we explored BYU for awhile with the Eyring Science building and the Art museum.  This was my favorite painting that we saw showing the nativity.

I am glad to have our family all back together again this week.  I am hoping for more even tempers and kids understanding that summer jobs won't kill them and that they can exist in the same house without annoying each other.  We will see how it goes...