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This week it was Allison's turn for her big adventure.  She has been saving her money for two years till she had enough and was old enough to fly by herself to Denver.  I told her a long time ago that when she was older she could fly out and babysit for Mimi during the summer.  I am not sure how much babysitting is going on but she was so excited to stay with my brother Daniel's family.  Our house has really missed her happy and always serving influence!  And I know she is having a blast with her aunt and uncle and cousins.  As my kids get older the importance of them knowing family and realizing how many people care for them has really struck me.  So I am trying to foster these opportunities but Allison seemed way to young to go on an airplane by herself and I am going to be so thrilled to see her again tomorrow!

The only part Allison was sad about leaving Monday is that she missed the acapella concert we went to that night.  It was Vocal Point and Home Free - two of our very favorites.  The concert was awesome.  Throw in the fact that we were sitting outside with pizza and kids thought it was the coolest night.

Late night Monday made it hard for Spencer Tuesday morning as he still had school.  Robyn joined us for family prayer and then cheerfully said good night as she returned to bed for a few hours with a smirking smile.  She wasn't smirking too much later when she realized that a day with Mom meant for a day of errands.  At the end of the day she vowed to never do such a day again.  But she enjoyed a week of no school, going to the pool for the first time, going to a movie with me and hanging out with friends.

We are all taking turns getting our warts taken care of.  Did you know they are contagious?  Well now the girls, Taylor and I all do!  So this week was my turn.  Robyn was down right ecstatic.

She had my phone and was busy taking photos the whole time and texting Jeremy all the details.

I could really feel the love and support from her.

Spencer had a week of no learning going on school.  Wednesday he spent the entire day at Lagoon along with all the other 9th graders in 40 schools.  He had a great time.  He has been working hard this year and was happy at the award ceremony about how well he had done.  Although he learned a bitter lesson.  Straight A's does not mean a 4.0 if you have any A-s.

When school got out at 10 am on Friday he was at a bit of a loss as to what to do.  He has been going so busily all school year.  So it has been either eating, video games, TV, night games or sleeping.  Tomorrow we start enforcing the technology limits.  He is very excited.

Big news of the week is that Jeremy had his helicopter returned to him by some temple construction workers after he had put up posters and offered up a reward.  The copter was on the roof of the temple hidden under a bunch of things.  It makes him a little suspicious that someone wanted to keep it or sell it especially after the workers tried to shake him down for more money.  The copter is pretty trashed so now he is debating the next step.

I had a learning experience this week as my friend taught me how to change a tire after I ran over a nail at the gym.  At 6 am all I could think of was the song with a minor change, "I should have just stayed in bed!".  But now I know a new skill!  And Robyn got to do another errand!  This week I have been making my way through paperwork and to-dos with summer about to start.  Its always a bit of an adjustment as we switch over from school schedules to summer schedules both for me and the kids.  Luckily I made chocolate cake today so I think we will be just fine.