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Sunday, April 6, 2014

General Conference

Conference weekend means lots of sugar, food and family time.  Kids have made their nests on the floor with blankets.  Robyn has set up a doll and art station.  Spencer occupies a couch with as many pillows as he can grab.  Allison has a blanket set up for her rabbit to run around on.  They talk in whispers as they try to figure out how to play war card games or color pictures together while still being able to hear.  Jeremy set up an omelet bar and whipped out omelets for everyone.  Kids were reminded of Grandma Lauri with bacon waffles.  Jeremy and Spencer got their bi-yearly carnivore meal at Chubby's after priesthood.  And with all that in the background we get to listen to conference all weekend and put regular life on hold.  Luckily the weather outside has been rainy which helps everyone want to just hang out and enjoy the weekend.

I set up bags of treats for every apostle.  After they speak if kids can tell me what they said they get to have the treat.  They are definitely listening better but I have three little faces in my face every time it looks like an apostle is closing their talk ready to be the first to tell me what they learned.

And true love is when your husband is willing to get out and pump up everyone's bike tires so he can take them for a bike ride and get some of the cabin fever burned up.

Spencer is taking drawing this semester and was quite proud of the drawing he made of himself as a little kid.  I was impressed at what a good job he did.  He learned the hard way why I tell him to clip hang nails and cuticles.  He managed to kill a finger nail and it is slowly and grossily growing back.  But on a sweet note he did ask me to pray for his fingernail several times.

Allison is in the middle of rehearsals for her play so she gets home from school and half an hour leaves and comes back right at bed time.  She is tired but loving it.  This week she did the math placement test for next year and I got to meet with her new teacher.  Still can't believe that she is at this point in her life.  She also had her girls camp kick off about which she is very excited.

Taylor is doing really well again and is walking everywhere.  We are hiring two new respite workers to work with him which will be nice.  Friday night we had a date and Allison had rehearsal and Spencer was invited to the movies, leaving us babysitter less.  Luckily Allison's friend saved the day for us and Robyn thought she was so lucky to be having a party at her house with Allison's friend.  I think one of her dream situations is to have all of Allison's friends over without Allison to interfer in Robyn's fun.

Allison is in the midst