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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Halloween is coming

Halloween came upon us quickly this year.  So we have been packing in our fall activities.  Sunday we made our annual pumpkin face cookies and kids delivered some to teachers and home teaching families.

Monday night Jeremy met us at our local nursery as we picked out pumpkins.

And today we carved them.  With numerous "rest stops" by Spencer and Robyn to relearn the adage if you can't say something nice then at least be QUIET.

To help calm their troubled artistic souls I took everyone for a walk up on the canal trail before dinner.  We walked a half mile total and I wondered if anyone else's nice family strolls look like ours.  Rocky pooped 4 times and peed 10 times.  Allison flipped off of her skateboard.  Robyn whined the entire time, loudly and constantly about how this was not a fun walk, there wasn't anything pretty about it, she thought I was going to take her to a place with a park yada yada.  Good thing the view was beautiful and Spencer and Allison kept good attitudes...and Robyn went to bed as quickly as I could get her after dinner.

I think she was a bit tired because yesterday she played hard.  We met up with Kelly and cousins to play at Cornbelly's a local corn maze, fall playground type of place.  Best part was that it was only the three little girls so we did all the little kid stuff for as long as they wanted.  The house full of corn kernels, like a huge indoor sandbox, they played in for 45 minutes straight while Kelly and I just got to sit and visit.  It was very fun and nice to just have some Robyn time.  She got to go on giant slides, race go carts, go through some really creepy haunted houses, climb all over playgrounds, watch the piggies race and go on a hay ride.

At night Jeremy and the three big kids along with Jason and Garion met us for dinner and to play a little.  Then Taylor, Robyn and I headed home to clean the office and go to bed while the big kids enjoyed all the haunted attractions.  I had a major case of repentance again.  I had left a cooler on the counter with tickets and the counsel to pack a dinner and meet us at 5:30.  When Jeremy stopped working at 5 and came up kids were ready to go.  Then they looked in the cooler and said, "where's the food?!"  They had just assumed I would have something planned and made ahead for them.  Luckily Robyn and I had packed our own dinner but I was just shaking my head.  Then when I got home I learned that Jeremy had stopped on the way home from working since 5:30 that morning on a photo shoot to get me cheesecake and then had helped Melissa clean up a blow-out of Taylor's that had clogged up a bathroom sink due to clean-up efforts.  It involved taking the sink apart through nauseating conditions.  Allison had helped.  Spencer is still on my head shaking list but the others were more than redeemed.  Serves me right for ever getting upset at family.  You think by now I would have learned.

I spent most of the time this week trying to get our yard ready for winter.  There is a chance of snow this week so I am feeling the pressure.  I took a huge truckload to the dump yesterday.  But besides that the rest of the week was pretty normal.

I got to go with Taylor's class on a field trip to see a play.  Going somewhere with 7 wheelchairs and an autistic child is a totally different experience.  I get to go in every Monday

Taylor is doing much better this week so our prayers were a really disgusting, lots of laundry and cleaning kind of way.  But he is happy and chipper.  And our house smells like Lysol and air freshner.

We have made a list of songs about sunshine to play in the morning.  Our little sunshine has been needing the boost lately to get over the morning grumps.  It cracks me up to hear her the rest of the day singing "sunshine, rainbows and lollipops".  She definitely keeps life interesting.  Robyn got to go with me to pack meeting and kept herself entertained with my phone.  She seems to young to have discovered selfies.

After school kids have their different activities and routines down:
Robyn finds the nearest comic book:

Spencer makes an enormous smoothie:

And Allison jumps straight into practicing in the often vain hope that a friend will be able to play:

Jeremy has had a couple of photo shoots this week and then a huge backlog of photo work to accomplish.  So he has been burning the candle at both ends.  I am not used to having him get up with me at 5:30 but he has been doing it.  And not to steal Mimi's thunder but here are two of my favorites from visiting them:

I realized that there were two memories from fall break I forgot to share.  One is on the way home when they were watching a movie and Robyn yelled to Spencer, "Head, move" in her best So I married an ax murderer voice.  Cracks me up everytime.  The other was during our last night there.  Allison woke up with a sick stomach and after throwing everything up and cleaning up, she laid down in the hallway by our bedroom as it was next the bathroom to try to sleep a little.  I was laying in bed for awhile trying to get back to sleep and then I heard her little voice praying softly that she would feel better and could get to sleep.  Jeremy asked me the next day if I had heard Allison praying and when I told him I had, he said "I knew it!  I could just feel the gooiness emanating from your side of the bed".  Its one of those moments where you are grateful that your child knows how to pray because if they know that they can learn everything else they need to know.