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Sunday, April 14, 2013


This week I finally after sewing, unpicking and changing my mind a bit, finished the curtains for our dining room.  I think it only took me 2 months!  I am still poking at them a bit and adjusting things but they are done.  And my family can have the dining room table back.

Last Sunday we got to go have dinner at Jason and Kelly's house and my kids re-discovered why they like neighborhoods under construction.  They found re-bars hidden in the dirt and intently tried to figure out how many things they could bang on.  Great, dusty, cousin filled times.  My girls along with our blocks under 12 population have been busy making a little club house down by an irrigation ditch.  They have a swing, a bridge, water, a tree to climb and bugs.  Plus they are out of direct adult supervision.  It has become the place to play.

Allison has had play practices all week and is tired.  5 hours every school day and all day Saturday.  Tomorrow is one last dress rehearsal and then she will be performing every night for the next week along with 2 matinees for school field trips.  She is loving it but is really tuckered out.  And I think she is sick of having sandwiches for dinner snuck in whenever she isn't on stage.  Since she is signing up to do it again next year, she must think its worth it.

Originally I was going to be gone this weekend to St George with some friends.  But some things came up and people couldn't go and we all decided it would be better to stay.  So Friday we all played hookie and watched an early showing of The Host and then came to our house for dinner and cake (one of my friend's birthday, Jenn, is tomorrow).  To finish off our wish list for our girls' weekend we all got up early to do a long run together on Saturday.  I am hoping it countered the cake we ate the night before.  I am truly blessed to know such amazing people.  I did have a neat experience.  One of my friends was diagnosed last week with breast cancer.  This week all her friends fasted for her.  I have never fasted on a regular week day before or gone to the temple fasting.  It was a good reminder to me that fasting is not isolated to Sundays and a tool I can use when there isn't anything else I can do.

Spencer got to go on one last campout this weekend with the Deacons to the Sand Dunes.  He came home happy, tired and sandy.  I remember his first camp out when the idea of laying out all his camping supplies outside like his tent etc, cleaning them up and then repacking his equipment and putting it away was a huge teaching moment.  And now he just does it matter of factly - leaving a trail of sand from the front door to the back but he did go back to sweep up.  I am trying so hard to learn to but my tongue as he figures out how to do things.  Last night he made cookies to thank two neighbors who had welded a candle holder he had accidentally broken at Kelly's house.  He kept asking me to just let him do it himself.  I felt like it took super human strength to not intervene and I don't think I was very gracious about it.  But I remember my own mom letting me destroy our kitchen making rice crispie treats for school carnivals or my brother Daniel making cookies every Sunday unsupervised and it was a good inspiration to me.

Taylor has been in a happy place all week.  He has been laughing, smiling and eating like there is no tomorrow.  And he really enjoys the chickies chirping away in our kitchen.  I am looking into getting him a umbrella style stroller as his wheelchair is a huge pain to take somewhere.  I am not used to taking 10 minutes to break apart or assemble his wheelchair every time I need to go in somewhere.

Robyn has been helping me tackle weeds in our yard.  We have more weeds than plants right now. Robyn just sits next to me flinging dirt everywhere and chatters away.  She is more help than hindrance now and I enjoy every minute of it.  She fasted today for her T.A. who is having surgery this week to remove a growth in her stomach.

Jeremy had a few photo shoots this week and is trying to catch up on all the work he has.  He works so hard and then surprises me by mowing the lawn out of the blue when he knows it will make him have to stay up that much later working.  He picked up Allison and her friends from play practice this week in his convertible and at Primary they were all asking when the next time Jeremy is driving the carpool.  Right now he has declared it nap hour.  A stroke of brilliance that I hope to embrace, right now :)