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Sunday, April 7, 2013


We have been talking about getting chickens for a few years now and decided that this year was it.  So Monday we took the kids chick shopping and set up a little home for them.  Allison's is named Penny, Spencer's is Artemis, Robyn's is Mica and Taylor's is Sandy.  We are hoping for all hens but won't know for sure until they are 6 months old.  Taylor smiles listening to their constant chirping and the kids have spent hours this spring break holding their chicks.  And of course, one night Jeremy broke out the lights for some chick photos.
We have 5 to 7 weeks depending on how fast they grow before we move the chicks outside to a coop.  Jeremy has been scoping out coop plans.  We are debating between a tractor coop where you can move it around your yard or a permanently fixed coop.
Sunday night we had a Easter egg hunt courtesy of Jason and Kelly.  They hid all the eggs in the backyard but told the boys that their eggs were hidden in the front yard.  That bought the girls a few minutes of easy pickings.  And Jeremy had his camera out...
I have been informed by our offspring that we did not have a very exciting spring break.  Allison had play practice for 5 hours every evening.  We alternated between spring showers and sunshine.  Whenever the sun shone I kicked everyone outside to weed, clean the shed and play.  We did go one day to check out a very cool new park where we met up with Kelly and kids for a picnic.  It has a climbing structure that is taller than our house and almost as wide.  I could tell Spencer was ready to have a good time when he walked to the car carrying a basketball, baseball, gloves, football, soccer ball and frisbee!  Most of our neighborhood left for sunnier skies this week so we were very grateful for the few friends that stuck around.  Spencer discovered the new murdock canal trail by our house and biked from our house to Provo Canyon - he was justifiably proud of himself.
Monday Robyn had her four bottom teeth pulled.  She had shark teeth where her adult teeth came in by her tongue as he baby teeth wouldn't come out.  She was quite loopy and funny on laughing gas!  The week before Allison had two teeth pulled on the bottom and a retainer glued in so they have been showing off the new gaps in their teeth.  Allison came down last week crying because her floss had gotten stuck in a tooth and blood was everywhere.  Turns out after a day of working on it her baby tooth was loose enough to fall out on his own.  She thought the whole process was extremely gross and messy but we reassured her that having baby teeth come out naturally was so much better than having the dentist pull them and that is what is supposed to happen!
Jeremy had a couple of photo shoots this week that he worked hard on.  I am glad this his hobby/side job is something he loves so much.
Last night Jeremy and Spencer went off for their guy night of priesthood and a guy dinner of fries/hamburger/shakes after.  So it was ladies' night around here.  Taylor's respite worker had to cancel on us as her husband came down with chicken pox.  But Taylor was thrilled by Allison and Robyn's plan (they discussed and discussed what to do for a long time this week).  We went to Costa Vida where Taylor downed 6 cups of horchata, a kids meal and vehemently insisted that he wanted more.  But we cut him off and he was grinning while he kept signaling more so I think he understood.  Then we went to Hobby lobby where the girls each picked a small craft to work on at home.  They had planned to watch a movie while crafting but since the network was down for repairs they had to be old fashioned and talk to each other instead!  Allison got a calligraphy pen and is trying to learn how to write fancy.
On Thursday I got to go up to SLC for the general primary training.  It was awesome to attend and was full of inspiration and ideas.  I think they need to pass out kleenex at the beginning of the meeting.  I came home feeling so loving and then realized thirty minutes later that I had said nothing but criticisms to our kids.  I definitely have room for improvement!