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Sunday, March 10, 2013

The stoic and the chocoholic

This week Jeremy's will power was amazing to behold.  His back laid him low all week with ice packs, stretching and severe pain giving him grief.  He saw a physiologist twice this week who seems to have manipulated things around so that relief seems to be in sight.  It is not great yet but he can walk and sit now.  And with all that going on he decided to tackle a pretty strict one week diet called the GM diet.  One day he could only eat fruit, one day only vegetables, one day 8 bananas and some glasses of milk, one day 20 ounces of beef and 6 tomatoes etc.  He lost 10 pounds.  He spent all day Saturday doing photos for the girls' play, worked at the studio some, took the girls to their piano recital and out for dessert.  All this with hunger and back pains.  Amazing.  To end his diet he drove me to Trader Joe's so I could stock up on cookie butter while he munched on his organic carrots.

I on the other hand was a wimp and did not join him in this diet adventure as I made cake for my dessert day.  Needless to say any weight Jeremy lost, I gained and now I must repent but it was really, really worth it.

Last Sunday was Allison's turn to make dinner.  She chose Italian wedding soup, ham and cheese rolls and cookie dough truffles.  Halfway through she just turned into an emotional, tearful mess and couldn't continue.  Thirty minutes later she had a 102 degree fever that lasted till Wednesday morning.  Robyn decided to join her with a bad cough and whiny disposition that put her on steroids Monday and Tuesday.  Wednesday the girls headed back to school but Robyn came home that afternoon and spent the rest of the week on the couch hacking away.  Cross our fingers we are now back to normal.

With a little more down time this week, I started the curtains for our dining room, finished up a pillow for our living room and discovered that leftover cake and starting to watch downtown abby go really well together.

Sunshine came out this week and spring fever came into full bloom.  Spencer headed out on his bike almost every afternoon and even I got to try out my bike again.  It feels so good to have sunshine and blue skies.  Its still cold but 45 degrees feels very spring like.  I even spread out fertilizer on our dead grass and prayed that green things will soon appear.

The girls' play is next week so rehearsals are getting quite intense.  On Saturday their rehearsal lasted from 9 to 5.  Good thing for the weekend as our girls are a little fried.

Today we got to spend the day with Jason's family.  Garion, my nephew turned 12 this week so he was ordained to be a deacon today.  It was fun just to spend the day going to church with family, relaxing and visiting.  I always forget to take pictures when we just hang out.  Girls run around their near by park.  Guys kick back in recliners for a Sunday snooze.  Someday I will remember to break out my camera to record these events.

With the warm weather Taylor has been chirping, laughing and happy to play.  On Saturday morning I got together with some of my oldest friends for breakfast.  Taylor got to come along as I tried to remember how to break apart and put together his new wheelchair.  He thought the outing and a breakfast burrito were great. 

Spencer had a youth conference where they talked about family history and then went roller blading.  He caught the bug and came home to jump on family search asking if he could take different names to the temple this week.  I wish I was more up to date on how to help him with this.  I need to figure out how to check that those names weren't done by Laurie and recorded in her stuff but not on the church site.