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Sunday, March 17, 2013

A 14 year old

Friday Spencer turned 14.  Today he was ordained a teacher and registered for seminary.  Hard to believe that he is this old, or this tall.  It still seems wrong that he now looks down on me!
For his birthday we woke him up with breakfast in bed.  Allison decorated his locker with Extra gum for an extra special birthday (and as a side note Spencer was able to shrug off the fact that a kids had stolen a bunch of the candy off of his locker - not cool).  That afternoon he soaked in our record highs of 77 degrees playing outside with his new basketball from his grandparents.  And then he was off to Tucanos with Jeremy for as much meat as he could eat.  It has become a favorite part of his birthday.  He was on a high all day. 

Friday night his cousin Garion slept over and the next morning the two boys left bright and early for a Boy Scout pow-wow at BYU.  When I picked them up we stopped at JDawgs for them to enjoy hot dogs in the sunshine.  Can you tell we are experiencing spring fever as we are outside whenever it gets warm right now?

Then at home we met with a friend for cake and the boys and their dads went to a shooting range.  They had a great time.

 Spencer asked for a leather jacket for his birthday and has been wearing it constantly ever since.

It was a good day.  Just a little packed though as Jeremy had a missionary photo shoot all morning, I needed to paint the set for the other play Allison is in and the girls had their closing night performance of their current play Annie.

All the girls hard work paid off this week and they are TIRED especially Robyn.  They would come home every night on a play high so excited and happy and then they would crash by ten.  On Friday I let Robyn go to school an hour late just so she could get in a little bit more sleep.

They had long rehearsals Monday and Tuesday and then performances Wednesday through Saturday.  I got to go twice and Jeremy went twice to watch and video.   And they had cousins with Jason and Kelly come, and several friends.  I am always grateful for the love and support shown towards our children.  Help me and I am grateful.  Love my kids and words cannot express.  The play got better and better throughout the week and was such a neat experience for them.

The play sort of felt like it consumed the week.  Whenever there was a break we would head outside to enjoy a breath of spring.  I got to go for a long bike ride.  I de-poopified our back yard - my least favorite spring chore - so kids could run around freely.  Jeremy's fish tank that he has been fish-sitting finally sold and moved out this week.  The two bully goldfish that somehow grew to 4 inches long got left behind.  Saturday I mucked out our pond and we dumped one in (one didn't last until the pond was cleaned out).  We will see if he can make it through the cold nights.

On Tuesday we got to go to the temple with Garion as he went to do baptisms for the dead for the first time.

We figured out where our sink was leaking from thanks to our neighbor plumber.  So now we have to decide whether to replace the sink or the faucet only in our kitchen.  There is always something breaking or about to break and thats just how life goes.

Our kids are pacing around waiting for reuben sandwiches and leftover cake.  I didn't do much for St.Patrick's day this year.  Next year I will have to break out the lucky charms!