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Allison was Bianca this week in the 5th grade rendition of Taming of the Shrew for their Renaissance Festival.  She did an awesome job remembering all her lines and acting like a pouty girl.  Her teachers go all out for this event.  They have a big feast, with the kids, teachers and servers all in Renaissance era style clothing.  They hand out awards to the Renaissance men and women of their class who have done projects in all these different areas, they do a play and have kids do different performances.  It was a culmination of a month long event.

Other big events this week is that I got to see some of my longest known friends for our annual Christmas shopping day this Saturday.  Really it is a day of non-stop talking and catching up while we stroll around stores.  It is such a small and simple event and yet is one of my favorite traditions.  Of course, this means Jeremy runs the home front on his own for the day and kuddos for him being so willing to always do this.

Jeremy has had a few photo shoots and events this week.  His neck is starting to get a little better.  He finally went into a doctor about it.  The x-ray showed no signs of breaks, tears, or bursts which is all good but is showing signs of arthritis which isn't.  They shot his back up in different places with Lidocaine to help him function and he is on some pills to help his muscles relax.  Still not great but not as miserable.  He just keeps a smile on his face so I forgot how long and how constant this has been hurting him.

I am sure the reason Jeremy is feeling better is that Thursday we went to the new Twilight movie with some friends.  Silly, ridiculous story plots and all, it is still fun for me.  Jeremy tried really hard not to laugh aloud and enjoy being one of the few men in the audience.  He and his friend pretended they were giving up their man cards to attend.

I have been munching on fruit cake and working on Christmas presents all week.  Family arrives tomorrow for the week and I figured why clean the house too much if I will need to clean it again really well on Monday.  So dust bunnies and clutter have piled up a bit but I have had a fun week tackling some projects.  Here are a few photos from last week that I didn't include.