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Friday, November 2, 2012

Photos from Mexico

Jeremy stayed up late the other night and go all our Mexico pictures processed.  So here are the highlights and yes my eyes are closed in almost every pictures - its a gift I have...
The girls Melissa, Brooke, Brenda and me

And the boys Jeremy, Jeff, Aaron and James:

The resort:

Going to church.  As the taxi driver said, "this must be a very secret church - its so small and hard to find".  We almost doubled their attendance.
Driving to church, glad our friends spoke fluent Spanish and feeling very spoiled with our lifestyle
Getting up for the sunrise and seeing our friends Brenda and James:
Going to tour Tulum and yes it really was that hot and sweaty and gorgeous:
Zip lining fun - I promised I wouldn't post the pictures of us screaming:
And rapelling:
My favorite part - hanging out on the beach:
Watching baby turtles hatch and then launching them later that night:
Watching a fire dancer show:
Sitting on the beach at night - despite the lighter look this is actually pitch black:
snorkeling at aquamal
Shopping at Playa del Carmen
The fun that can be had with just a pink floaty and a pool
We all had our books for the week:
A great week with great friends.  Sad to see it end.