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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Here we are again...

Remember how I thought Taylor was looking like he was doing better?  Monday he was willing to eat a few bites of yogurt so Tuesday I packed him off to school despite him not drinking or eating breakfast.  My thought was that he was just in a slump and needed to get back into his routine.  An hour later he was back home.  Grandmal seizures - 16 of them before noon when I gave him Versed.  That slowed the seizures and didn't stop them.  So between not eating for 2 1/2 weeks really and drinking off and on we took him back into the doctor and from there to the ER at Primary's.  After lots of tests to figure out what was wrong it ended up being something very simple.    He was full of poop.  No obstructions, no kinks or tears just a colon that took his whole chest cavity on the x-ray and had become so stretched that it had shut down.  Do you know that even if you have a bm you can still be fully plugged up?  I didn't!  They said it was like a pipe where you put some in one end, it will fall out the other.  So he after a night at the ER he was checked in at 3 am to get an NG tube put in.  They pumped 2 GALLONS of laxatives into him to do a "clear-out".  It was gross, miserable, and seizures galore (even atavan couldn't stop them) but it wasn't anything scary just a matter of time to get through it.  Taylor slept most of the time and came home Thursday afternoon.

This hospitalization was actually not too bad.  Jeremy was able to get kids off to school in the morning and then I ran home Wednesday afternoon to drive kids to piano lessons and do the school pick-up and grab a shower and make dinner before heading back up.  Kids told me Wednesday that dad showed them "inappropriate videos about the preemptive shhh".  They said it was great and asked when I was leaving again.  Then Thursday Allison told me that Dad was such a good dad because when her stomach hurt in the middle of the night he got out of bed to settle her on the couch with some saltines and a waterbottle.

Taylor is doing better and started eating again Saturday.  Hopefully we can keep this from happening again.  Less whole milk, more bran muffins and vegies and double the amount of miralax.  One thing that was funny is that as you can imagine Taylor had to be cleaned off almost hourly.  And when he seized he would have to be suctioned a lot the first day.  One of the pills Taylor takes just moved up to the toxic chemical list so every time nurses would interact with any body fluids they had to put on special gloves and gowns.  Everything that got fluids on them had to go into bio-hazard bags.  Made me feel like I should be washing my hands a lot more!

And then since Taylor had spent such a long time laying around and he wasn't really sick Thursday evening, and most of Friday and Saturday he and the other kids joined me at the Timpanogous Storytelling Festival.  Wind and sudden rain storms, puppeteers, folk music artists,  men with big beards, women with fanny packs and lanyards of pins, scary to funny stories and lots of snack food made for a great weekend.  Taylor would wake up and listen and smile to some stories and then crash for a cat nap.  I love taking my kids to this every year.  But there is a little self-talk going on in my head as I remind myself "i like my kids, i really like my kids".  Nothing bad just the usual kid attributes that surface in crowded places that make you grit your teeth a bit.  The festival is really not Jeremy's thing, he would rather listen to the high-light cd at home.  But he brought us up pizza Saturday night for dinner and hung out with us for a bit and then took Taylor home for a nap.

Robyn started piano lessons this week.  She is very excited and will do much better with an official teacher instead of just me.  I sit in the room during her lessons so I know how to help her practice.  Its a little humbling to realize she learned more in 30 minutes with Cindy than she did with me all summer.  Spencer started up tennis lessons again and is loving it.  He has really been trying to get into better shape, fueled in part by the arm wrestling competitions that are taking place at school.  Allison has been putting on scenes from the play Beauty and the Beast at every recess with a group of friends.  So the school routine is getting back into place.  I have yet to have a day where everyone is in school but hopefully this week.

Saturday morning we got to attend my niece Kayla's baptism.  Allison played the piano for it and has been nervously practicing all month.  She did great with a few flubs that she  just kept on going through.

So this week life should get back to normal, knock on wood.  We are going to push calories on Taylor as he is really thin now and I am going to tackle my list of chores.  Right now after getting home after 11 and switching to morning church it is mandatory nap time for all.

And some pictures via Spencer's touch.  On Saturday because we didn't get there until the afternoon all the parking by the event was full.  So kids "babysat" themselves while I parked and shuttled back.  I found Spencer shepherding the girls through making their pots and making sure to take pictures of the whole process and telling them what a good job they were doing - all quite seriously and while holding onto Taylor's wheelchair.  Its nice to know he can step it up if he needs to.