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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Computer Failure

Well no photos today as last night my computer officially died.  Spencer has put on mourning and I realize how many times a day I check my email.  Since my phone is also on the fritz I feel a little disconnected with the world.  It will be good to go on a technology diet for awhile.  So I am down in the bat cave on Jeremy's computer realizing that you really cannot hear anything that is going on upstairs.  I can see why he likes it down here.

Today while our friends took Taylor and Robyn for us we were able to go to the Brigham City Temple dedication.  Allison was very excited as it is her first.  She had one of her great-great-grandmother's handkerchiefs to wave in the air which she thought was very cool and came home to put her temple ticket in her memory box.  Spencer and us are having a little talk about the appropriateness of burping in public and he is starting back on prilosec tomorrow.  Last Sunday, Spencer got up and made me breakfast in bed - an egg sandwich and juice without me waking him up or anyone helping in any way.  He came in and gave it to me and gave me a hug and said "good-job on your test".  Later this week he spent the entire day until 10 pm at night working away on his homework.  Moments like those make you feel like a pat on the back, like you must have done something right as a parent.  And then there are mornings where he is freaking out as he can't find his homework (that he found later in his backpack where he put it to make sure he wouldn't forget it) or temple ceremonies where he lets loose several loud burps that make you put your head in your hands and feel that you have really messed up this opportunity God gave you to raise your child.  Someone told me once that God gives us children so that He can raise them.  Our job is simply to not get in the way but to do what He would have us do.  Sounds so simple...

This week Allison and Spencer finished off their 50 miles for the summer.  They started the first day of summer in June and had until the last day which was this week.  The deal was they could run 50 miles for 50 dollars, or hiking/walking/biking counted as 3 miles to 1 mile running.  Spencer ran maybe 5 miles total out of the 50 as he is not a runner.  Allison was jogging away though.  So they were excited to count out their money and fill up their wallets.

Last Sunday we took our dinner up Provo Canyon to South Fork.  While there we noticed a neat trail that we couldn't really explore in my church shoes too well.  So Saturday morning after an early church meeting the three kids, Allison's friend Andra and I went back to check it out.  It was gorgeous to be surrounded by creeks and streams, red maples, yellow aspens and amazing views.  It was a little under a 4 mile loop to do the Big Springs trail.  The "springs" were not super impressive but the waterfalls and streams along the way were.  Spencer had a huge walking stick and a camelback and strode along ahead, stopping to point out snakes.  Robyn held my hand and collected leaves so her room could smell like nature and Allison and Andra just stopped for every bug and chipmunk and were in their own world of happiness.

In October we are going to Mexico for a week.  I am excited to show off my biker's tan!  I am tan from mid-thigh down and no where else.  Saturday night in preparation for wearing swimsuits we shopped for shorts for Jeremy and then met some other couples who are going at the same time to devour large amounts of food at Tucanos.  It happened to also be a chalk art festival so Riverwoods was packed and a big party was going on everywhere we looked.  The chalk art was very impressive.

Jeremy has been filling his plate with photo shoots this week and for awhile to come.  Everyone wants to get in the fall colors.  He still gets nervous on every shoot he does but he does an amazing job and always comes home on a photographer's high.  He took some time off Wednesday to take Allison to a daddy/daughter fishing event.  They didn't catch any fish but had a good time together.

This week has been my first official school schedule week.  Everyone is back in school.  The house is reasonably back to an organized, clean state - well relatively speaking.  Monday I went to run a few errands and realized that I spent the entire day without talking to anyone and without anyone knowing where I was.  Such an odd feeling.  I always said that when my kids were all in school I would do certain things or be a certain kind of person.  I guess that time is here and my excuses are gone.  I went for a long bike ride up the canyon this week with my friend Christie and realized how nice it is to exercise during the day time.  I can't do that all the time as then my day is gone and kid routines start up but it sure feels good to be outside with the sun up instead of wearing a head lamp and hoping I don't step in any holes.  One of the perks of kids in school is that Jeremy and I meet every Thursday for lunch.  It is one of my new favorite routines.  So I am enjoying this new school routine and am amazed at how quickly the day flies by.  It does seem like everything has to be done before 2:30 as after that kids take over but that is what I wanted so it is good.  I also realize how much I putter around putting things back to rights in our house and fixing little things here and there.  But I like to putter and it keeps everything running smoothly.

Kids are getting used to school and activities.  Robyn is starting to realize that she can't play with a friend every day.  Allison and Robyn both light up when I come into their class to teach art.  They always run over with a big hug and ask if they can be my special helper.  Even Taylor gets a goofy smile when I come into his class for lunch time help.  I wish I could help in the junior high with Spencer but I haven't really found anything yet I can do there.  He is slugging through Anne Frank right now.  It is the first book that he has to read that he hasn't liked.  He reads a page, heaves a sigh, stretches and then reads another.  He was excited to grow again and is now 5'9".  He seems to tower over me every night when he comes to give me a hug.  Allison is excited to turn 11 this week and has big plans for her birthday party.  I keep reminding her that my skills don't match the photos you can see online!  So right now we are busy making little mice for her party - photos to come!


The Skeehan Family said...

You JUST figured out why Jeremy likes it down there??? :) Egads though, I can't believe your computer died - that is so NOT a good thing. Our laptop battery has been suffering right now (won't hold a charge to save it's life), so now we are on round 2 with Costco sending us a new one (hopefully this one will actually hold a charge longer than an hour). So I kiiiind of feel your pain, but obviously just a mere shadow. I hope you didn't lose anything. I think you are all saved on a network, but still I hope nothing was lost.

Anyway, loved hearing the updates and enjoyed our short visit today. Sorry I had to go so quickly. Will try again tomorrow :)