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Monday, November 7, 2011

My favorite holiday...

Jeremy was trying to get Spencer to do a gangster look - this is Spencer trying not to crack up

Dear Friends and Family,

Daylight Savings time - one of my favorite days, at least in the fall.  You always say you need just one more hour in the day and today you get one.  You sleep in till seven and the sun is coming up and you feel wonderful.  Getting up in the pitch black is just not fun and driving kids to school with head lights on seems to go against some law of nature.  So I am enjoying my extra hour this morning with everyone happy for an extra hour of sleep while I got to actually be awake and functioning and walk with Jeremy over to the church this morning.  I think our bodies were just meant to get up with the sun not the stars.

The sugar over load has calmed down in our house pretty much.  We are still the mean parents who let their kids eat a few pieces on Halloween night, pick out their favorite dozen to keep and then the rest goes to Jeremy's office.  Since the kids eat the candies anyway every Saturday when they clean, they aren't technically loosing them, although we still get quite a few groans.

Halloween was a beautiful day.  We had a warm front being pushed ahead of a big storm so kids were running around all day in short sleeves and taking over the streets at night.  Robyn had a kindergarten parade where they marched through all the classrooms to show off their costumes and then had a classroom party.  Allison had a parade and party later that afternoon.  Unfortunately Robyn and I didn't realize the parade was starting early in the afternoon so we only caught the tail end of it.  But since we saw Allison's class, everyone was still happy.

Why is Jeremy taking these pictures inside instead out out by our pumpkins?  Its because at 7:30 when kids are leaving for school, the sun hasn't come up yet!
We made our traditional bones (bread sticks), blood (marinara sauce), and guts (stuffed pumpkin).  I think kids like the idea of the food more than actually eating it.  I got to go trick or treating this year with our kids while Jeremy manned the door, handing out toys and blaring the spooky music.  We have a fun neighborhood to trick or treat in.  One cauldesac did root beer and a block party.  Another cauldesac did a spook alley with hot chocolate, doughnuts and witches around a fire pit.  And since it wasn't freezing or raining the kids lasted for almost two hours.  Good time by all and the morning after was very tough to get going again.

I was able to host a brunch this week for my friend Brenda's birthday.  I always think I should be more creative for these things but instead all I do is cook something and set the table.  But it was wonderful on a rainy, stormy day to spend it inside catching up with friends.  I am so lucky to know so many amazing people who show me what kind of person I want to be.

The turkey tri was this Saturday.  I had done a mock one on Monday to make sure I was ready for it and that I really could run/bike in my swim suit.  It was freezing cold - 20 degrees with some snow flakes.  But because of the storm and the icy spots on the roads they made the bike ride only be a half mile.  So it was a bit of a let down.  But I really liked it.  Even the part where they said to strip down to your swim suit - OUTSIDE - and then run over to the building with the pool in it.  And then when you are all done come back OUTSIDE, all wet to put your clothes back on.  Good thing we were hot from exercising but it was still really cold.  I had been most worried about the swimming but I was surprised that it just felt good.  The hardest part for me was swimming with other people and trying not to get kicked in the face and to find ways to pass people in the tiny lanes.  So next spring/summer I will definitely be trying it again.

Friday I went to see The Help with a group of friends who had all read the book.  I highly recommend the movie and would put it on par with the book which I really liked.  And then it was a double scooper weeekend as Jeremy and I got to go out to dinner on Saturday night.  Then we came home, sent kids off to bed and broke out the ice cream and a movie.  Life does not get much better.

The kids got their report cards this week.  Spencer had a rude awakening with his English class.  Although he had done all the assignments, he hadn't gotten all of them recorded.  So it was a good lesson that just showing your teacher that you were done by waving papers in front of her face does not help your grade.  You have to actually turn things in, make sure they are graded and recorded etc.  I have to admit this is only half Spencer's fault but you work with the teacher you are given.  Hardest part for him was that he had to give up his ipod touch till his grades recovered.  Major tears.

Then on Saturday I took the kids to Krispey Kremes.  They give you one doughnut free for every A on your report card.  Grease and sugar are big motivators.  Robyn doesn't get a report card every term so she only got one sprinkle doughnut and was quite envious of Allison's big box and Spencer's medium sized box.

Then there is all the flotsam and jetsam of our week which really I don't think anyone else wants to hear about.  Jeremy continues to work hard, trying to improve his skills and get all the church things done.  He always has more on his to-do list than he can ever accomplish.

Love to you all and hope you are enjoying this wonderful, extra hour day.



The Skeehan Family said...

I love Spencer's shirt, that is hilarious, but I am so sorry to hear about his English experience, that had to be a very grim, frustrating experience.

And I cannot believe you did another race - you are so impressive! And I think that's just mean to make you get ready outside of a nice warm know that had to have given someone some weird vindictive pleasure :)

Tell the girls I think their costumes look WONDERFUL! Glad you had such a nice Halloween.