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Sunday, October 30, 2011

You're a stinky, smelly witch

Dear Friends and Family,

Robyn has been filling the house with Halloween music.  Her favorite lately involves the line "you're a stinky, smelly witch" followed by maniacal laughter.  At Walmart she was singing it pretty much non-stop while we trolled the aisles for an hour.  Glad she entertains herself so well.  She is loving her Cinderella costume and has put it to use many times already.  This has been the week of Halloween celebrations, that is for sure.

Monday was Taylor's school Halloween carnival.  The teachers and aides at his school go all out to make it a fun evening.  Taylor's "girlfriend" was there to bounce all around his chair (she is this super high energy autistic girl), stroke his cheek and give him kisses.  It just makes me smile.  The kids enjoyed all the games, candy prizes, glitter tattoos and came home on a tired, happy sugar high.

Tuesday the girls got to wear their costumes to their dance class and do 'The Monster Mash'.  Pandora has a kids Halloween station that we have been playing a lot this week so I have seen the dance many times now.

Friday Spencer had a junior high Halloween party at the Library.  He thought he was so cool to be able to go.  His costume this year is an orange T-shirt that says "I was too lazy to get a costume" - about sums it up right there.  His favorite game was zombie attack where they attached saltines to their pants with string and then used swim noodles to try to smash each other's crackers.  That and being introduced to The Twilight Zone made his night.  And then Jeremy and I had a costume party at a friends house.  Jeremy wore his best costume - a camera carrying tourist - complete with black knee high socks and sandals.

 We are carving pumpkins tonight with Jeremy and decorating our cookies.  But I convinced our kids to clean them out Friday.  I said scrubbing the kitchen down after scrapping out pumpkin guts is not my idea of resting on the Sabbath!

Thursday was the first day where everyone's church activities sort of collided.  It all worked out but made us realize that Thursday night is a lot easier if I don't have Stake stuff, Jeremy has bishopric stuff, Allison has Activity Days and Spencer has scouts - all at the SAME time.  It all worked out but made me realize how I want our life to not be so over scheduled.

Taylor had his 5 month follow-up on his surgery.  The doctor said that for a normal person 5 months is when they would start getting their original strength back so to not feel bad about Taylor still not liking to walk.  He puts more work in resisting walking than it would be to actually walk.  His bones are healing but very slowly.  They are thinking he might be vitamin D deficient so we are adding in some supplements to hopefully help his bones heal faster.  But otherwise everything looks good.

Throw in the BYU pow-wow, a wonderful cousin sleep over and a birthday party for Robyn's friend and we were all feeling a little puny by Saturday night.  While Jeremy spent Saturday working and writing a talk for today the rest of us took it pretty easy.  The kids and I watched Ghostbusters for the first time with me holding the mute and fast forward button.  I was just impressed when no one fussed about me skipping scenes that triggered my kid radar.  Its still a great, campy Halloween movie.
Allison gets the short end of the stick most nights.  Either Robyn or Mickey ends up in her bed curled around her.

Fall is on us full force with me running in the morning under the stars with it being 30 degrees outside.  Definitely wakes you up.  I am just glad for friends who meet me, otherwise I would never get out of bed.  Next Saturday is the turkey tri I am doing.  Swimming is getting better.  The lifeguard isn't watching me intently anymore to see if he need to intervene.  And I swear the more I swim, the easier breathing gets.  I am sure it does not look pretty at all, but I no longer worry about making the distance.  And I no longer care what I look like or how fast I go.  My goal is to finish, that is it.

Love to you all and hope you are enjoying Halloween!  Heather