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Sunday, September 4, 2011

School days

Dear Friends and Family,

Monday it became official, Robyn started kindergarten and now ALL my kids are in the public school system.  15 1/2 years for this day seemed like a long time looking forward but looking back it seemed really quick.  Robyn is in the same class as her friend Luke across the street as well as two other neighbor girls.  Robyn was very excited for her first day of school.  Allison gave her a special bath the night before involving bubble bath, stories and bubble beards and then we braided her hair as she wanted waves the next day.  Robyn came home saying kindergarten was FAAAAANtastic but just a little bit boring because you can't talk to your friends except at recess.  And it was a bit of a wake-up call when she realized that no TV on school days now meant every day for her.  This summer we did no technology Thursdays which worked great but she had a few days of magic school bus withdrawl.

This was edited as Robyn was quite upset that cousins might see her chest!
Robyn has also started up soccer.  She has had 2 practices so far but missed her first game as we were camping.  So this Saturday is her first game.  She had lots of tears at first saying she was horrible, couldn't kick the ball and would make her team loose.  I think she has had a harder time as she hasn't seen Spencer or Allison ever play.  So Allison showed her some moves in the backyard and that plus her friend Nylie and Luke playing on her team and a super nice coach has brought her around.  She also started up a dance class and has another friend Karlie who takes it with her.  Her teacher is one of those bubbly 6 foot tall gorgeous women who can't stop smiling and Robyn loves her.
Allison found out on Monday that she won the election for class secretary which means that she and her friend Andra who won for treasurer get to sit at a special table with the class president, a boy that they just ignore and get special privileges.  Allison is in charge of filling up the bird feeders for the class etc.  Her teacher brought their council table chocolate croissants this week for breakfast and Allison was just beaming for the rest of the day.  She is taking a jazz dance class this year again which she really enjoys along with her piano.  She is now treking over to the 6th grade class for math this year.  I worry a little bit as I see no homework coming home but as long as she is getting A's I am assuming she is getting it.  On Friday she made a cookie map of Europe's topography at school and has been eating it ever since.
Spencer is still very stoked about being in junior high.  It has taken a little getting used to as he has A days and B days.  So he has two homework assignments each class and two days to get them done in.  So remembering to do homework every day even if its not due the next day and remembering what class he has on which day is still taking a bit to sink in.  It was Stake Temple week so on Tuesday he and I went to do baptisms for the dead.  The idea of going by himself without having family names is something I want him to understand.  After we were done he came out with a big smile and said he felt really good.  It might have helped that it was 7:30 and he knew we were headed to In-n-out for dinner too.
Junior high kids can wear red shirts - Spencer has worn a red shirt every day so far
Taylor is doing good as he adjusts back to the school schedule.  The bus schedule which had differed according to the day up to 60 minutes is getting more consistent which makes life easier.  On September 1st Utah decided that fall had arrived with cool evenings and mornings.  It feels so good to open all the windows and actually want to grab a jacket.  Of course its 95 degrees by the afternoon!  With the cold weather I thought I would try hot chocolate Friday morning with Taylor.  He most definitely thinks drinks should be cool to cold and was not happy.  He was throwing his warm drink all over and left a nice drizzle of chocolate milk everywhere.  But he leaves for school smiling and comes home ready for a nap so he must be enjoying his days.

I thought this week would seem really quiet but the time has flown by.  Babysitting this little 5 month old has reminded me how fun babies are and makes me glad to have him on a temporary basis.  Robyn thinks he is the best toy as they are both here for an hour.  I did get to go to the temple this week and spend some time picking out new non-holes everywhere sheets all by myself, both of which I ate up.  I have been trying to get back into the early morning work out routine but it is tough.  I went with two friends for their invite a friend week to their bootcamp.  I literally couldn't raise my arms to shoulder level after one morning there.

This weekend I got to take all the kids Friday from 3-9pm and Saturday from 9 am to 11 pm to the Timpanogous Storytelling Festival.  It was a wonderful time meaning a lot of fun with lots of work, whining, bickering, being treated as a pillow/climbing apparatus and frequent reminders of how to act in public - so basically a good event with kids.  We came home all happy and tired out.  We listened to lots of fun storytellers, kids made pots and vases at the pottery station, watched jugglers and puppet shows, laughed a lot and ate a bunch of picnic food.  The daytime events were all up in Provo Canyon and because we had Taylor we didn't have to take the shuttles.  On Friday evening they had an event just for kids with a puppet show, then bedtime stories followed by doughnuts for everyone.
The Sat night show was an outdoor ampitheater and was packed
Our supply of snacks and sandwiches ran out by Saturday night so kids enjoyed pizza and icee for dinner
Where was Jeremy while we were having fun?  Home working away to relieve some of his stressful backlog and enjoying some unscheduled time.  Kids felt bad that he had to work but better when they learned that he got to spend Saturday night with a photography group.  Jeremy got to do pictures at Ignite SLC this week as well so he does have some fun in his life to balance all the stuff that he has to do.  We have been working at getting back into the school/chore schedule.  There is a sign on our fridge that sums this up: "Do what you have to do so you can do what you want to do".  Now if I can just convince our kids to do what they have to do with a smile!

Love Heather