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Sunday, September 25, 2011

The last days of summer

Dear Friends and Family,

This week we are hanging on to summer.  We finally had to start closing the windows in the morning as 45 degrees was a little too chilly to eat breakfast in, even if hot chocolate was involved.  But the sunshine and 80+ degrees has just been perfect and made to be spent outside.  Robyn had two soccer games this week which we got to hang out and cheer at.  She more dances than plays but she enjoys it.

This was a week of apples.  I made a ton of applesauce and then a bunch of apple crisp filling.  Perhaps that is why the week seemed so laid back.  Just hanging out listening to music or watching an old movie while you peel apples leads to a very laid back life style.  We did get some of our carpets cleaned on Monday which got rid of the last cat pee smell in our house.  As I was writing out the check all sympathy for Macho living outside disappeared.  Now if we can just figure out Rocky's gasto-intestinal problems our house will be smelling good.  We have given Rocky two baths this week until we figured out the smell was coming from inside his body rather than outside.  We haven't been in a very pro-pet mood lately!

Taylor got his daffos this week and does not like them.  He really refuses to walk in them and getting him from his room to his eating chair involves lots of poking and prodding.  We went to an ice cream party this week and someone asked how you could tell if Taylor wanted to eat ice cream.  Jeremy was feeding him and I just pointed out how Taylor was opening his mouth super wide after every bite for more.  Its pretty humorous once you notice it.
Taylor eating a cinnamon roll at the park. He was loving the sunshine
Last night I got to go up with some friends to SLC for the Relief Society Broadcast and then out to dinner.  It was a great evening complete with watching people running around SLC in their underwear for some sort of protest.  We couldn't help but laugh at people who really shouldn't be walking around in their underwear.  A great evening of friends, inspiration and good food - how can you beat that.

My brother Daniel was here this week for a few days.  But he was busy working so Jeremy saw him for 5 minutes one night on his way in to BYU and I saw him for 5 minutes on his way out.  Wish it could have been longer but since he did come bearing treats from Trader Joe's and a promise to return in a few months, I couldn't be too sad.

Jeremy has been busy this week with work, side projects and a lot of church stuff.  And to top it off he gave up a day trying out new camera lenses at the zoo so he could go to a soccer game and clean the office with us.  He has been biking to and from work lately which he enjoys and has the quads to prove it.  I feel like my life is quite lazy in comparison but he keeps a good attitude about just getting the stuff done that he needs to.  It makes us treasure being able to go out to dinner for an hour (despite the calls about Robyn not going to bed nicely) or kicking the kids outside for 30 minutes so we can talk without little ears trying to hear every detail.

And I have just been happy puttering around and enjoying school life and this last bit of summer.  The fall colors are just popping up in the canyons so I am hoping to go up there soon on a drive.

Love, Heather


The Skeehan Family said...

I am still so jealous Dan even got to see you for 5 minutes. And I can imagine how great your house smells with all the apples :)

Missing you.