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Sunday, November 28, 2010


Dear Family and Friends,

Snow finally hit last night, dumping a foot of snow everywhere.  Spencer and the girls are outside running around with abandon trying to get numb enough for hot chocolate.  Taylor is snug in his bed glad to not be throwing up anymore and listening to Christmas music.  We put our ornaments up on our tree and are eating the last of the Thanskgiving pies tonight - holiday season is definitely here.

Kids were only in school two days this week.  Robyn even got to attend school twice.  Once at her preschool Monday for her Thanksgiving feast.  She was convinced that you had deviled eggs at Thanksgiving so that is what she brought.  She must have been onto a good idea as they were a hit.  And second Robyn got to go be a preschooler at Lincoln for a child science class.

Tuesday we were all excited as blizzard warnings went across the state.  All the universities closed down, airplanes were grounded and we got .2!!! inches of snow.  What we did get was a huge drop in temperatures where we got down to single digit temperatures at nights and highs in the teens during the day.  If it is going to be that cold we expect some snow!  But Allison spent the evening at a birthday party living it up doing girly stuff while I hosted a bunch of women at our house to watch a movie.  We had no problem switching to vacation mode of eating too many treats and staying up late!

Wednesday Allison spent the day playing with different friends all day while the rest of us cooked, cleaned and I worked on a cushion for our hallway bench.  Thursday while I was downstairs Robyn and Allison were busy setting up the dining room table as a surprise.  Complete with place setting turkeys.  The sad part is that I realized I have a long way to go as a mom as my first thought was shoot, I wanted to get out the china and tablecloth.  But I at least kept my mouth shut! 

  Cousins came over for the day, slept over so their parents could shop and spent the day Friday.  My kids were eating up all the cousin play time!  We hiked in the bitter cold up to the waterfall, our coldest, iciest hike yet.  Ate a lot, visited and watched movies.  It was a great Thanksgiving.

Then we woke up, put on Christmas music and started setting up Christmas decorations.   Taylor added to the festivities by being sick all weekend and throwing up most of Friday and being a pale weak noodle on Saturday.  But he put away a bunch of egg nog this morning and has kept it down although that required resting for several hours.  But he looks better and better.  The whole weekend felt just lazy and laid back.  Saturday night Jeremy and I went out to dinner with a bunch of friends and then came home to watch Inception and for me to eat left over pie.  Recommend the movie Inception and am still trying to figure it all out.

Kids can no longer feel their chins and have decided its time for hot cocoa.  Hope you are enjoying your holiday weekend.

Love Heather
 Allison found an old loom my parents gave me as a kid and has been busy getting it all set up.  Let me rephrase that - she was busy instructing me how to set it up for her!

 Robyn doesn't like her coat.  She thinks lime green is a boy color and it causes tears everytime we break it out.  To ease the pain she wore a pink tutu for our hike.

Allison and Garion finished up the puzzle.