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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Where oh where has Allison gone...?

Dear Family and Friends,

We have had fall break this week with no school on Thursday and Friday.  So Wednesday afternoon Allison set off for her long anticipated adventure to fly by herself to CA to spend a week with my parents.  She was so excited she was walking on air.  She was packed and ready to go a day in advance and didn't look back at me once as she walked onto the plane with her carefully packed Hello Kitty messenger bag slung over her shoulder.  She is doing all the touristy things she requested like going to the aquarium, walking the Golden Gate bridge and just loving having time with her grandparents.  Robyn is already asking when is it her turn to fly to California.  Spencer did the same thing when he was 9, so we told her she has 5 years to go.

For those of us stuck at home we have had friends over, stayed up watching movies, had cousins over for pizza night and spent an evening up at Gardner village looking at the witches.  Robyn had spent the day playing non-stop with her friend Tally.  She was so used to talking that she literally did not stop for 3 hours (we were timing her) while we saw all the witches.  Its just fun to see all the Halloween decorations, Robyn went on the pony ride and then we visited their amazing candy store for fudge.  (Jeremy is still doing the no-junk diet and is looking amazing.  I on the other hand have gotten over my guilt and have no problem eating fudge while he looks on!)

Taylor spent Monday up at Primary's again discussing how to manage his seizures.  He is going back for an MRI to make sure he is not having any mini-strokes as his eyes tend to go wonky periodically and his left side is really tightening up when he gets tired.  Things are gradually improving overall for him.

Went and got my passport application turned in this week so I am one step closer to our February trip.  I have had on our fridge a list of to-dos for two months now so I was glad to cross passport off that list.  And Jeremy, aiming for super husband status has been chipping away at the rest of my list for me.  He finished up the lights on our deck Saturday and it looks so awesome at night.

Robyn (and the rest of us) are missing Allison.  But without Allison to interfere Robyn is enjoying some illicit activities.  I was mowing the lawn Friday and Robyn brought out her baby stroller to join me.  She was so cute pushing her stroller around the path several times, talking to her baby and tucking it in with a blanket.  Showing her baby all around the playhouse etc.  Then after half an hour when I finish up the back, I walk by her stroller and get a close look.  It wasn't a doll but rather Midnight, Allison's guinea pig.  Midnight's eyes were just looking everywhere trying to absorb it all in.  Robyn was very proud of herself.  Then I sent her off to put Midnight away as cousins arrived.  I spent the next 20 minutes talking to Kelly till I heard some dissenting voices upstairs and went up to investigate.  Brynn was taking her turn hugging Midnight and Midnight was beyond stressed after receiving so much love from Robyn and cousins.  Now Midnight is in her house and refuses to come out to play.  I am sure she will need some TLC from Allison to recover from her trauma.

Rest of our week was full of the routines and to dos that keep us busy.  Cleaned the church, cleaned the office, Jeremy and I were able to go see Red (highly recommend it) and have dinner together.  Spencer and Jeremy enjoying football on TV together, Robyn being unable to go through the night without peeing her bed.  Just our regular life.

Love to you all and a special hug going out to CA and our little girl,


The Skeehan Family said...

I want a Gardner Village!!! That looks magical. And Robyn's little shenanigans are making me laugh :)

Taylor is in my prayers, by the way.

Love you so!