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Sunday, October 10, 2010

The sun will come out tomorrow...

Dear Friends and Family,

After a week of rain, clouds and dark skies, today the sun came out.  The girls and I just got back from a long walk with Rocky and bikes and drank in the warmth and the sunshine.  I am glad fall decided to stick around a little longer.

This week I caught Robyn's cold so we were hacking away.  Wasn't anything serious, but I would get kids off to school and then collapse for a two hour nap.  Then up again to get kids squared away then back to the couch.  Felt like a big wuss.  But with the rain and cold outside it was great timing to drink hot chocolate and stay on the couch a bunch.

Last Sunday, Jason and family came over for conference and dinner.  Here is our typical evening:

Girls and moms decorating Halloween cookies
Little boys checking out their latest games on the computer
Big boys checking out their latest games on their phones
 We always enjoy having family over and kids are excited to resume regular cousin nights again.

Robyn had a field trip Friday to HeeHaws, a pumpkin activity land for little kids.  The petting zoo was a hit but because of the rain the mud and feces smell was very strong. I was amazed by their fly trap.
That is ALL flies and most of them are still alive!

Robyn and I on a hay ride
Robyn picking out her pumpkin
Had some friends over for dinner Friday night and made a bunch of home-made pizza.  We're getting closer to getting the recipe right.  Although the next morning I ran a 10 k with several of my friends.  The whole way I asked myself, "why did I eat pizza!?"  The race was an all woman's race and everyone who is in the Ragnar van with me ran it.  My friend Brenda stayed with me till she smoked me the last mile.  But she showed me I could run a lot faster than I thought for a lot longer.  And she does it all with a smile and cheers for everyone around her.  I am more of the grit my teeth and try to finish type.  The worst part was that the volunteers sent us the wrong way at the end and made us run an extra MILE.  That part stank a little bit.  You kept thinking you had to be done as your watch showed you reach and pass 6.2 miles!  But it was a lot of fun and a great experience.

Jeremy had a fun/educational night this week as a friend helped him strip down his motorcycle and put it back together as it has been having problems.  He celebrated today by taking it up in the foothills by us, bundled up against the fall chill.  Came back with a smile.

Last night we went to see the play The Scarlet Pimpernell.  It was a musical and was really well done. That is one of my favorite old movies.  The only scary part for me was that our kids babysat themselves.  We didn't leave till 7 so everyone was showered, fed and pilled.  So Allison read Robyn stories, brushed her teeth and tucked her in.  Spencer tucked in Taylor and then the big kids stayed up to watch a movie and then tucked themselves in.  We came home to the house locked, Rocky standing guard and everyone asleep and the house cleaned up.  It was really nice!

Allison is really excited to fly to California this week.  She is telling everyone all about it.  Hope my parents are ready!

Love to you all, Heather