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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunny Arizona and rented condo

Dear Family and Friends,

Came back this evening from sunny and mild Arizona (temperatures for the wedding were a miracle) to rainy and cool Utah. Swarmed with kids who once they saw us remembered that they had missed us and needed to tell us about their week...all at loud voices. Its good to be loved.

We left Wednesday evening for Phoenix so that Jeremy could be Nicole's photographer for her wedding. We stayed with my brother Daniel and his family. Mostly we hung out a lot, talked, played with Claire and held Sam. It was wonderful. Jeremy and I enjoyed a long date out by ourselves, shopping at H & M, eating at the Cheesecake Factory, watching Iron Man 2 and just having a great time. I even took 2(!!!) naps in the middle of the afternoon - talk about spoiled. And I ate way more treats than I ever should. The wedding and reception was fairytale like and I will let Jeremy who worked while I lazed around post his amazing pictures. Meredith stayed the evenings and weekend and my sister-in-law Kelly held down the fort Thursday and Friday.

Family life continued this week with summer activities and me trying to get household chores done before I left. We got Taylor's wheelchair all fixed up so it is working again. My kids met another incredible person in the wheelchair shop. This time a guy with no legs. It amazes me to see the difficulties people live with. But biggest news of the week is that Lauri's condo is rented. We met up with Jason's family Monday night for last minute projects and the new tenets moved in Wednesday. We still are doing some legal paperwork on it. But just the fact that it is now inhabitable is huge!

Allison had her big Activity Days day camp this week. Shooting bb-guns, making crafts, relay races involving great amounts of water and plenty of snacks - she had a great time. Library classes started this week as well. Spencer is so proud that he goes at a separate time now for the "tween" class. This week was lots of games and relay races. As Jeremy pointed out, nothing to do with reading. But they got their reading logs and are ramped up to read for prizes.

I am off to bed and to gear up for tomorrow and the mountain of laundry and house catching up to do. Love to you all, Heather