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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Back to reality

Dear Family and Friends,

Today is the last day of Christmas break. Although in many ways I am VERY excited for kids to go back to school and routines I am going to miss the laid back very slow pace of the last two weeks. Kids have been sleeping in every day until 8, going into hibernation mode. We have done some fun things but they have been very happy just to hang out.

Monday Christina and I left early in the morning (ok 8 isn't early but it sure feels that way when you're in vacation mode) and went up to SLC. We did a session at the temple and then grabbed some lunch at the Lionhouse pantry. It was just a really neat morning. I didn't realize that a live session is 2 1/2 hours not 1 1/2 hours but it is such an amazing place - the history and the architecture all around you just adds to the experience.

Tuesday we were hit with a big snowstorm that lasted until Wednesday night. The kids and I drove Christina to the airport and then went sledding. I have finally worked out how to take our kids sledding by myself. I bundle Taylor up and park in the parking lot next to our junior high's hill. Then I hike over and set the kids up and cheer for a few minutes. And then I return to the van for awhile to sit with Taylor and make sure he is warm and read for a few minutes. For some reason those little breaks keep me smiling through the whole experience and kids have a blast. We all went sledding again the next day with Jeremy. Kids come home tired out and cold - it is great. All Robyn wants to do is take a bath, get into PJs and have hot chocolate. You always have the whining and tears about being cold, wet, or sleds not working right but I like to just gloss over those moments in my memory.

With all the snow we shoveled a lot and Jeremy used his quad a bunch. Our Elder's Quorum is in charge of snow removal at the church so he was down there several times a day if needed scrapping snow off of sidewalks.

Wednesday night Jeremy and I went on an old married date - going to the grocery store and then seeing a community theater play. It was really fun and nice not to have to worry about getting to bed early because it was a school night. Thursday night our kids were stoked that it was New Year's Eve. Spencer "rested" all day to make sure he would be able to stay up. Jeremy and I were invited to a neighbor's adults only party. So we put Robyn and Taylor to bed and set Allison and Spencer up with movies, popcorn and the remains of the gingerbread house. They thought they were so cool and old to babysit on their own. We came home at 12 to watch kids run up and down the street banging their pans and seeing the distant fireworks. They were very stoked to be up so late. We have had them babysit for us for small amounts of time more often lately. I think they are doing OK with it although I still worry. When I was at a funeral and they had to get Taylor inside on their own, they talked about how it was really hard and that Taylor's wheelchair almost went off the ramp. Gives me pause. But they are very conscientious about the whole thing. Spencer will set the timer for every 15 minutes to remind himself to check on Taylor.

New Year's Day was full of football for the boys. Took Spencer shopping for basketball shoes before practice starts this week. He is finally wearing shoes that are the same size as Jeremy. He thinks he is very tall in them and wore them inside the house all day yesterday to break them in. Then at night he and Jeremy went down to the church to do some drills and work on Spencer's skills. He is eager but doesn't have much coordination or ability yet. That just comes with practice so we are trying to encourage him to get out there more. Snow tends to make him turn to video games and books more often.

Yesterday Allison and Robyn got their hair cut. Robyn finally has her hair cut in a bob that is all the same length. Only took us 1 year to get to this point. Allison, inspired by Christina had her hair cut to her chin with it shorter in back and it flips out a bit. Tried to take a picture this morning but my battery died on my camera so check back later. I think it looks very cute.

Been working on my yoga and my crochet. My toes now touch the ground above my head - didn't think that would be ever possible. I am hoping my flexibility can come back. It seems lately that wrinkles appear over night, joints start popping and creaking - when did this happen? Sort of sad in some ways. Jeremy keeps having gray hairs pop up. Just goes with the territory I guess. But I will put up a good fight about it! Crochet I thought I was doing better at as I can now do a single stitch pretty well. Last night I tried to expand to a double crochet to make a pattern in my scarf. Not so pretty - not sure if anyone will ever wear this scarf but hopefully by the time it is done my skills will have gotten better.

Tomorrow Taylor meets with the neurosurgeon to plan his VNS surgery. I debated doing his salivary glands again but that was such a bad experience last time that I hate to do it. Somehow our kids are all getting up by 7 tomorrow - not sure how that will happen yet, perhaps I will have to cook some waffles or something to get them going.

We put away our Christmas decorations. Every year when I pack stuff up I get the urge to clean. Hasn't happened yet but I have high hopes for this week. We did recover our kitchen chairs though. I was tired of guests checking to make sure all the spots and stains on the fabric were old and not fresh. So this time we used fake leather that is waterproof and I can just wipe off. It doesn't look as nice but I think will hold up better. Its amazing what a staple gun can accomplish in under an hour!

Robyn had given us some great lines this week. It helps make up for the fact that she believed this week should be lived at full volume all the time and without breaks. Meredith told her to go brush her teeth and go potty. She checks to see if they brushed by smelling their mouths afterward. Robyn asked her if she wanted to smell her bum too to see if she went potty. My two favorites were yesterday when she was playing with her friend Luke. She told Luke "you be the daddy and I'll be the witch". A few minutes later she laid on the ground and Luke waved his arms over her and said "Poof, I put a baby in your belly!". Jeremy and I working on the chairs in the next room just had to laugh.

Love to you all and hope you are not going into shock from the reality of after Christmas life.


P.S. This week I taught Spencer and Allison the duet of Heart and Soul on the piano after Sarah taught Allison the chords when they were playing together. Its pretty cute and almost makes up for the constant playing of it. There is no video as Spencer as yet wants no record of him playing with Allison.

Spencer and Allison working on their thank you cards. They were really excited to do this - no nudging on my part was required. I am glad that they were so thankful for what they received.

Spencer playing video games. He lost his retainer the last day of school at his waffle party so he has been enjoying going without during this break.

Allison and Robyn playing dance dance revolution. That game has brought more smiles to my face than any other! Robyn is considered too little by Spencer and Allison to play so she stand behind them and tries to follow their lead.


The Skeehan Family said...

After reading all that, two things stuck out for Dan had two - both about Robyn actually -

1. In regards to the video, all he says as he's laughing is, "That girl has some good hips."
2. He was dying laughing with the bum smelling comment.

Seriously she must keep things soooooo interesting :)

Loved im'ing with you guys last night, by the way!!! (as if you didn't know)