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Sunday, May 24, 2009

A lazy Sunday afternoon

Dear Family and Friends,

What our Sunday afternoon looks like, after church: comics and toast

I have decided that comic books are an investment in family peace and solidarity in our family. Kids are always sprawled around reading them, especially when their stash from the library is gone. Don't know where they could have picked up the reading bug from (haha) but even Robyn likes to "pretend". Allison's teacher sent home her reading report card this week showing her jumping from level E at the beginning of the year (she was level B at the start of kindergarten) to a level T at the end of the year. Since I enjoy reading so much I am glad that our kids have picked up on it.

Allison lost another tooth this week. There is no way that an adult tooth can fit into that little hole. Even she is realizing some teeth pulling is in her near future. This week was the last week of school for Spencer and Allison. So lots of year end parties, field days etc. Kids did not want to stop playing or go to bed at night and were ready for school to be over. Friday the kids were only in school for 3 hours. They took their bike and wave with them in the morning and Robyn and I met them with the stroller (after pushing up that huge hill by the temple!). They were too fast for us but luckily our carpool partner/friend Monica and her two kids were all on bikes as well. So Robyn and I brought up the rear! Allison spent the afternoon at a friends pool/pizza party to celebrate the end of the school year. Then she came home and invited a friend over for pizza and movie night while Spencer invited 2 friends over for a sleepover. They all watched Twilight, ate brownies and popcorn and had a great time. I threatened Spencer and his friends about this trial sleepover since last time didn't go so well. So everyone was out by 9:30 and they did great. They woke up the next morning ate a bunch of french toast and played twister and k'nex till they were all kicked home.

To continue the end of school festivities we quickly did our jobs and headed over to the American Fork Pool. We won a 3 month family pass at the kids' school's 5k. This was our first time going and we had a great time. It was really overcast so there was hardly anyone there. With the clouds I didn't bother with sunblock much so we are all a little toasty today.

After all the celebration our kids and us were tuckered out. Allison fell asleep on the swing this afternoon and looked so peaceful.

Until Spencer pushed the swing and Robyn jumped on her. So nice to have sibilings!

On Monday Spencer had his cast taken off.

He seemed disappointed that there wasn't any gross skin underneath! His ulna is all healed up but his radius still needs to fill in some more. He thought he was all done but handled the news with a shrug. He is in a brace for 2 weeks full time and then in a brace for 2 weeks whenever he is active. This week we have really been noticing his obsessive tendencies. Doubt there is any medicinally we can do about it but man is it a pain. Whatever he wants, he needs to have it right now and is just heartbroken and sobbing or mad and yelling if he can't. Reminds me of a 3 year old! I keep trying to explain to him that his feelings don't match up with reality but its a hard concept for him to get. Hoping we can work through this stage to a manageable level soon. Not sure if it is all the changes with school, cast, friends etc but there has been a general crankiness lately. Last night Jeremy bravely bit the bullet and took Spencer shopping. Size 8 mens shoes are just painful to buy for a kid you know will trash them within months. But now he has PJs that won't split down the rear when he tries to bed over. (For his sleepover he stayed in his clothes because he had no other options). He definitely has a little flubber to loose but he is a big kid now.

Robyn has given up naps completely now. I wonder if quiet time is really worth the hassle but I figure its better than nothing. She is great 3/4 of the time and the other 1/4 is a little terror, running around, refusing to cooperate and throwing tantrums. Just like any other 3 year old. My friend Brenda and her neighbor do a play group once a week while they take turns going to the temple. They asked me to do it with them for next year and invited me to bring Robyn over Thursday morning for their last playdate of the school year. Robyn had a great time and I felt wonderful going to the temple during the day. Can't remember the last time I did that. What a great start to the morning. It makes me really excited for next year and Robyn didn't want to stop playing with her two friends.

Had another friend join the running group in the morning. It sure helps me get out of bed. Although not everyone is there each morning, there is always someone watching my door to see if I show up. I am falling asleep at night without any problems now! I run better too because I feel like I can't stop or slow down when someone is running next to me. Worked in the garden again whenever I could. Spread that truckload of mulch and remembered how sore my back got when we put our yard in. Planted a new tree to replace our dead one - a santa rosa plum. Planted potatoes for the first time. See how they do. Read two new Robert Palmer books (the Spencer for hire series). They kept a smile on my face most of the week - I really enjoy his books.

Jeremy has been working, getting the new grill hooked up and doing church stuff. I was reading through old posts the other day. Sometimes I wonder if anyone reads what I write. But it sure brought back memories of past events and made me grateful for how relatively smooth our life has been going the past while. Guess I shouldn't say that too loud! Friday morning we had a bathroom incident involving an embarassed Spencer taking a shower, lots of bleach and disinfectant, a load of laundry and me needing a shower afterwards and a bite of chocolate. Thought to myself that I can handle mornings like that if thats as bad as it gets because we have had things so much worse.

Love to you all, Heather

PS - Read Spencer's blog if you have a chance. He has been anxious for comments.


The Skeehan Family said...

Heather, we read your blog every Sunday, seriously... even if we don't comment!! Dan says it helps put our little crisis-es in perspective :)

Oh, and makes me feel miserably inadequate and boring (jerk)!

By the way, thank you for the book. I finally read the book you gave me - started it on Thursday and finished it on Friday, it was great. Thank you so much!!

--Dan and Mimi and Claire